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Get a package there the Second Day Before Yesterday™

Shipwire announced today new shipping services which will allow merchants to ship their products to customers before the customer has ordered them — launching the newest revolution in e-commerce since the on demand global warehouse network — Predictive Fulfillment™ and Second Day Before Yesterday™ shipping. Learn how to bend space time with Shipwire!
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Dollar fluctuations benefit exporters.

Shipwire recently posted a blog to which comments on the effect of a weak dollar on U.S. based manufacturing and small businesses that are sourcing from them. We have written about this before on the Shipwire blog. With the dollar falling further, it seemed like it was time to update our thoughts on this....
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SMB's and 3PL Partnerships: Small Fish, Big Splash

Inbound Logistics, August 17th, 2009 Feature Story. Inbound Logistics, Shipwire and a Shipwire customer discuss the cost savings that a small business merchant (SMB) can save when outsourcing product fulfillment. Learn how to convert your warehouse into a success-based cost. Get insights from a Shipwire customer on importing to Canada and growing his business and...
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Our helpful resources can guide you through the entire fulfillment process. Get started with our topic-based collections, or browse through our white papers, case studies, product guides and more.

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