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Promotional shipping revisited

Shipwire has been used by marketing teams, activists, political campaigns and groups doing fund-raising since we started doing product fulfillment. There are a lot of ways that Shipwire can be used to ship promotional business products (even though we don't do custom embroidery or print logo apparel). Here is a prior blog post about promotion...
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Shipwire for Projects and Promotions (Fulfillment Customer Case Studies)

Shipping, warehouse distribution and order fulfillment is a cog in many customer outreach and community building endeavors. Why shouldn't it operate like a cog? Don't get saddled with shipping problems, cost overruns or failed attempts at connecting your warehouse to your payment, web store and order management software. Shipwire offers an proven alternative that is...
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Learn more about fulfillment

Our helpful resources can guide you through the entire fulfillment process. Get started with our topic-based collections, or browse through our white papers, case studies, product guides and more.

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