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Ten E-Commerce Sales Tips for Holiday 2011

We recently listened to a Webinar presentation by Channel Advisor (downloadable).  After providing a comprehensive mid-year update on the overall e-commerce industry with topics ranging from paid search, comparison shopping, and marketplaces, Channel Advisor shared ten strategies for e-commerce retailers to succeed in the last two quarters of the year.

We thought these were worth a quick summary regardless of whether you use Channel Advisor for e-commerce. This will be our first in a series of “helpful tips” for selling more this holiday season.

  1. Diversify! Create and update portfolio of e-commerce channels so that your products will reach the broadest audience possible.  If you are only in a couple of marketplaces then you must make sure to double or triple this in the coming months so you don’t miss the opportunity to sell your products.
  2. Think globally.  Don’t limit sales to domestic consumers if a good percentage of consumers for a product are actually abroad.  Wingo said that this can be done in two ways – open a site in another country or work with freight shipping companies (such as Shipwire!) that would help you package, handle, and move our products across the oceans.
  3. Utilize eBay! Create an account if you don’t have one yet or if you do, then stay on top of the game.  Be methodical in selling products especially if you have tons of products, but you must focus on your top sellers going into the holidays.
  4. Keep yourselves updated on comparison shopping engines (CSEs) since many retailers are not currently doing this which means it would be great advantage and potential huge market share.
  5. More is better! Be on as many engines as possible but also make sure to optimize our data feeds.  “Optional” must not be an option. Instead, maximize these engines for the best consumer experience possible.
  6. If you”re on paid search then take advantage of Google’s advanced tests such as Product Listing Ads (PLA).  With the dawn of Google Instant, help your potential buyers find your products which means if you have x number of products, you should have 5x number of keywords.
  7. Sign up for Google Plus (+) Stay social and updated! Be an early adopter and know what’s going on in the social network.
  8. Implement the Like buttons and +1 buttons on your item pages before the holidays to utilize these social instruments to publicize your business.
  9. Take advantage of Facebook e-commerce publicity by creating a Facebook fan page and start recruiting fans.
  10. Go mobile! Your site must be mobile friendly at both an informational and transactional level.

BONUS! Don’t miss out on Amazon sales. Amazon is the fastest growing channels so do not miss out by ignoring the Amazon marketplace.

Stay tuned for more tips over the coming months.

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