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The Shipwire Blog/ToyFoundry slices into Asia-Pacific with Shipwire

ToyFoundry slices into Asia-Pacific with Shipwire

If you have a smart phone chances are you have fallen in love with Halfbrick‘s Fruit Ninja game. Fruit Ninja challenges you to cut up fruit by slicing your finger across the screen of your smart phone. Its charming characters and awesome gameplay have made it a staple in every app store it’s sold in.

ToyFoundry is the manufacturer and distributor behind leading digital brands – including Halfbrick – and uses Shipwire to distribute toys and plushies of the Fruit Ninja game world-wide. With ToyFoundry, you don’t have to go farther than your browser or smartphone to get these characters into your home.

ToyFoundry’s co-founder Mark Verstege was recently featured in one of our case studies describing how they use Shipwire to distribute Fruit Ninja throughout Asia-Pacific, and other markets the world over.

“We are always going to need to distribute stock and we need to rely on our partner for this. Having this means ToyFoundry can concentrate on everything else. That’s the biggest benefit: knowing that we can give our partner that problem – shipping and distribution – and we know they’ll get it right.” — Mark Verstege, Co-Founder, ToyFoundry

View the entire case study here and learn how Shipwire can help expand your brand globally.

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