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The Shipwire Blog/Tradelr Social "Product Outpost" Integrates to Shipwire. What is the standard product feed format for e-commerce sales?

Tradelr Social "Product Outpost" Integrates to Shipwire. What is the standard product feed format for e-commerce sales?

Ready for Shipwire compatible invoicing, central inventory and product database for your social and e-commerce sales? The Tradelr integration looks pretty interesting. Faceook connections and an online store builder. As there are a lot of online stores out there, it will be interesting to see if there are product feed output for other than Facebook soon. What is a the standard product feed format for multi-channel product display in feeds? Google Product Search?

This integration has just been launched and needs beta subscribers. Please check it out if you are interested. There is a free trial of the Tradelr service. The Shipwire connection is in beta so please reach out to the developer (Sean) in a comment on the blog post.

Tradelr as a “product outpost” is an interesting move by developer Sean Lin. Product outpost is a great way to look at it. The social piece provides a unique initial approach.

Product feeds are a great way to get your goods for sale visible on the internet and correctly submitted to the big daddy product search engines. The Find merchant feed is also a good place to be.

Most merchants I’ve met are interested in acquiring the buyer directly for margin purposes (to online store as an example). Product feeds that route sales back to central locations of inventory are key for this. There are hundreds of online distribution modalities like web stores, marketplaces, drop ship networks and social feeds like twitter and facebook. There are massive amounts of web store systems. Search engines and feed engines can bring a lot of traffic back to those online stores for direct brand interaction. That is a great thing.

On another note, I was curious about the invoicing system when we chatted over e-mail. He mentioned that it worked with other “Tradelr Network Contacts”. Not sure what that means. Maybe he can comment here with more info and whether other invoicing systems compatibilities will be added soon.

Product is in beta; but, check it out. Please comment your thoughts about social commenter, product outposts or experience with online feeds in the comments.


  • Sean Lin 10/28/10
    Tradelr Network Contacts will allow distributors to share product and inventory information with their clients on Tradelr. This will enable clients to obtain live inventory information and allow them to place purchase orders directly. Additionally, this will help distributors save time updating their clients on price updates or product changes. We will be streamlining this process to make it easier for retailers and consumers to find distributors on Tradelr in the near future.

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