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The Shipwire Blog/UK Order Dispatch Service…check

UK Order Dispatch Service...check

With our warehouse network expanding and Shipwire customers pulling us into new regions we are always on the lookout for what is unique about the local market. Clearly import requirements, tax and holidays are on the list; but, you would be surprise with the subtle differences in language nuances…even just across the English speaking markets.

Talking to customers all day our team tries to be proficient in the local terminology and how to explain our services so they are best understood.   That said, every once in a while a new one surfaces and surprises us. Today it was “order dispatch service” and “dispatch service software“. In use, “We are looking for an order dispatch warehouse to store our goods and ship them.”

The usual terminology we hear is UK distribution service or our warehouse referred to as a London distribution center. Dispatch services seemed to be normally associated with a call center, IT help desk support or maybe contract trucking service. However, we have found a few references to a British warehouse distribution center in order dispatch services….so consider it now part of the Shipwire lexicon.


  • Nate 05/24/10
    Deliverwire. We'll have to look into that one! Click on the bubble in the map on this page and it shows the region for the warehouse. To get the actual shipping address for the warehouse please log into your Shipwire account, walk through the "send to Shipwire" wizard to tell us what is coming, pick the warehouse you will send it to and we'll give you the warehouse address and a receiving number (ASN - Advanced Shipping Notice).
  • Martin Cooper 05/11/10
    We're brits and I notice you have UK warehousing. In London too. London is a big place. Can you say where? BTW: Can't help but smile at the language divide here. In English we 'Deliver", "Post" and sometimes we 'Freight' . OK, we can 'Ship' and do 'Ship' . But really only 'Ship' when getting wet is a possibility. It's for Ships (see what i did there?) And 'despatched', please. So, may I kindly suggest you rename the whole outfit? How about 'Deliverwire'? Go on, see what they say? I see it as real winner? Anyway, even without the name change, where is that London 'Distribution Centre'? Martin
  • Nate 02/05/10
    Yes we do supply those for our Pick-Pack merchants. Many merchants send us inventory already packaged in shippable boxes that we just put shipping labels on when the orders come in. Find out more at our pricing page please.
  • Wow!This looks like an interesting service especially as more businesses come online! Do you guys provide the shipping supplies...boxes, wrap ect?

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