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The Shipwire Blog/USPS API Issues – A Holiday Tradition Continues

USPS API Issues - A Holiday Tradition Continues

The blogosphere is pretty silent on the USPS API being experiencing an outage from (according to our tests) approximately 12/19 9:45pm to 12/20 6:30am Pacific.

Some Shipwire customers may have noticed that some USPS rates were unavailable as real-time rates streamed into their shopping cart checkout. If you want more information on this see

Other than it being annoying when the shipping rate API’s of major carriers experience issues; I’m blogging about this because of a few reasons: 1) It happened last year too. See USPS API Failure. 2) The blogosphere is not reporting it. But twitter is. (see image below). It’s pretty interesting how Twitter has now surpassed the blogosphere to be a just-in-time news engine.   3) Shipwire is not the only one to notice the holiday tradition.

usps api failure

usps api failure


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