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The Shipwire Blog/USPS Rate lookup Servers failing? API impacted.

USPS Rate lookup Servers failing? API impacted.

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Shipwire merchants are now in full holiday swing. One thing we are noticing is some merchants having intermittent problems with USPS rate lookups and some label printing problems that rely on calls to the USPS rate lookup servers.

Shipwire customers that routinely use USPS please note that Shipwire is doing what it can to work around these USPS server issues. For example, we are re-rating packages when we find the server responsive. However, we are recommending that customers with timely shipping needs (1Day and overnight) or those who need an immediate pricing quote, use an alternate shipping method for critical shipments until these issues are resolved by USPS.

We hope to see this resolved shortly.

Here are a couple other reports of the problem as well:

Grinch who crashed the US Postal Server (funny post from somebody who has seen this multiple years now)

USPS API suffers massive outage

USPS Shipping does not work

Slashdot report on USPS Server meltdown

We hope our friends over at USPS get this resolved soon. If you are a user you may also be seeing rate look-up problems.

We will try and keep you updated.

Update: Print USPS Shipping Labels at Shipwire. Online label Printing. Print Postage Online.

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