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The Shipwire Blog/Shipwire Order Fulfillment Automation for Virtuemart!

Shipwire Order Fulfillment Automation for Virtuemart!

Virtuemart Shopping Cart Software

Shipwire is excited to announce our module for Virtuemart (Joomla) powered Web stores. Here are the install instructions –Virtuemart order fulfillment.

This is a free module provided by Shipwire.

The Shipwire module currently has been tested and supports Virtuemart version 1.1.9 with Joomla version 1.5. We believe it to be compatible with Joomla versions prior to 1.7. This is important to note as the most recent beta builds of Virtuemart for Joomla 1.7 are not supported. See more below on this.

The Virtuemart module connects to 4 Shipwire APIs

  • Real-time order fulfillment
  • Real-time shipping rating
  • Real-time Inventory
  • Real-time tracking

The Virtuemart module, while still in beta, plugs into all public Shipwire APIs. This means that you can automate the submission of orders, inventory and carrier tracking numbers between Shipwire and your Virtuemart powered store. We’re also really pleased to announce that you can display our warehouse shipping rates to your buyers in checkout. Real-time rates work across all our warehouses (and Shipwire Anywhere locations) and incorporate your Shipwire account shipping preferences. We hope the Virtuemart and Joomla community likes the module and gives us feedback.

It bears mentioning that this module is not compatible with he latest beta releases of Virtuemart 2.0.x for Joomla 1.7.x.
We want to be clear about this and explain why. We started this module a while back and the latest Virtuemart just released in December of 2011. We expect that many users will be taking their time in migration and we wanted the module to be a fit for customers today. We evaluated Virtuemart 2.0 and felt that its interfaces for shipping were not yet ready for us to consume. This was confirmed by user feedback. For these reason, our choice was to release our build for Virtuemart 1.1.9 on Joomla 1.5.

We look forward to your feedback and our participation with the community and customers using Virtuemart and Joomla.

To get started with adding Virtuemart to your Shipwire account, see the step-by-step guide Virtuemart order fulfillment.


  • Brandon Poole 07/04/13
    The VirtueMart solutions are very great idea for online business owners who want to make an online store with improve security, highly effective and better performance.
  • dimitri 06/20/12
    Tom, we don't know the exact date of the release for now, but are working hard to deliver it.
  • Tom 06/18/12
    We need this bad so our Host sites can view their orders at real time. Do you know when it will be ready for VM2.0 and Joomla 2.5 Thank you
  • Kyle Owen 05/07/12
    Jason, Thanks for the question! Currently only Virtuemart 1.1.9 for Joomla 1.5 is supported. We certainly appreciate you checking In and will take note of the desired integration. I will mention this to our team so they know it is something that is being requested.
  • jason 04/14/12
    Hey Kyle, Is VM Shipwire module working yet for the latest version or Joomla and VM? thanks

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