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The Shipwire Blog/ Marketplace Open to Select 3rd Party Sellers Marketplace Open to Select 3rd Party Sellers recently launched the Walmart Marketplace, that allows a “a select group of retailers” to offer additional products for sale through According to this is adding nearly one million new items to it’s catalog. Today there are only three retailers participating (ebags, CSN Stores and ProTeam); however, according to they are going to grow their marketplace with additional retailers over the next year. Buyers buy through’s checkout; the order will be sent to the 3rd party retailer who will pack and ship the order, handle support and deal with exchanges and returns.

The retailers get a new high traffic sales corner, gets more products and revenue without having to touch the inventory or have the risk or returns. Pretty standard.   I wonder who sets the retail and wholesale price of the item and what the cost to the retailer is to participate? If anybody knows, please comment.

There have been quite a bit of coverage on this topic from news agencies and bloggers. The Walmart Marketplace is noteworthy for a few reasons:

1. This squarely competes against Amazon, eBay, (One Cart) and Amazon growth exploded in 2006 driven by Prime and their new 3rd party seller program which opened up their marketplace to sellers that greatly expanded Amazon’s product catalog and ensured buyers found more product choices on Amazon. is clearly doing the same thing; albeit, today it is very closed down to only a few select sellers.

2. In the near future, may become a valueable new sales channel for larger retailers. A few comments in a minute on some of the pros/cons of this.

3. Once this has been tested on larger retailers, maybe it will be open to smaller manufacturers and retailers.

Shipwire is commenting as this could be a new sales channel open to sellers generally soon. We already do fulfillment for Amazon orders, ebay fulfillment services and can connect to other marketplaces. Soon, perhaps Walmart will open up Marketplace API’s for us to connect to as well.

The characteristics of Walmart Marketplace look very similar to Amazon’s third party selling program or a supercharged drop ship program where the retailers get to keep their brand closer to the buyer. The Walmart catalog clearly calls out when a product is from a Marketplace seller and even asks the buyer to acknowledge this in checkout. Do the retailers get to cross-market or do follow-up sales to the buyers that come through Doubtful. Like third-party sellers on Amazon, Walmart Marketplace retailers probably gave up that right to be on The buyer is likely owned by; but, has successfully pushed the cost of inventory and returns risk off to the seller (along with the cost of shipping and fulfillment). Walmart is going to collect a lot of sales data from this, will they then source and directly sell those products that do well? What happens when Walmart sells the same product as a Marketplace seller?

Will end up operating for third party sellers like or will there be something different here? Retailers need to participate with open eyes! Realize what you give up in exchange for the sales volume and make sure you know the ground rules before you invest in the channel.

If anybody knows anything more about Walmart Marketplace please comment.

UPDATE: 9/30.

Business Insider just posted about Walmart Marketplace, covered some of the thoughts above and Shipwire commented.


  • Tom 12/23/15
    I wonder if Walmart will expand its own selections based on how well a third-party seller does on a Amazon does. Unless you are already a seller on Amazon, most do not know that Amazon tracks your purchases and, if you are doing well on specific products, they actually go to the manufacturer or distributer and order a large quantity at a lower price than you might be able to obtain. They then compete against the third-party seller by selling and fulfilling the product at a significantly lower price. Sellers then get stuck with inventory that they cannot move (until Amazon sells out) - and Amazon charges storage fees while it sits in their warehouse to be fulfilled.
  • Tony Holbrook 08/12/15
    @Habeeb - Thank you for reaching out. Sorry we don't know what Walmart's current plans are for growth in the various categories they carry, but we can tell you that we have a number of our merchants that have successfully started and continued to grow selling a wide range of product on a number of large retailers marketplaces like Walmart, Target and Costco using our Drop Ship for Suppliers fulfillment solution. Feel free to reach out to one of our Drop Ship Specialists by emailing or contacting us.
  • habeeb aladross 07/30/15
    We would like to sell on Can you please help me by telling me if they are growing the number of 3rd party sellers for footwear right now. We sell on Amazon, Ebay and Sears already and do real good business. Thanks for your help.
  • Ernest DeBrew 07/14/13
    I would like to know if there are some popular or globally well-known websites that allow small sellers like me to sell our own items.
  • Nelson Hargain 11/12/12
    im trying to bring into the market ready-made organic food from the region of the Balkan Peninsula would like to make an appointment to come in and show you some samples
  • Pure Costumes 09/08/12
    Still have not heard words on when this will be available. Rumor has it that it might be end of this year or early next year.
  • Edward 10/01/10
    Do you know when they will be accepting other companies and third party sellers? Is there somewhere to be kept up to date on this? Since this is dated 9/2009. Maybe they are already accepting 3rd party sellers, are they?

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