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Where to Market Your Business in Canada? We've Got Tips!

Marketing in Canada can sometimes be a challenge. You are likely already using market places like Amazon and eBay or product and search locations like Google Adwords, Yahoo, Bing and What are some other options? Here are a few thoughts, please comment with your own.


According to their marketing “, Canada’s local search engine, is an online directory service that combines rich content gathered from numerous sources (including directly from companies themselves) with ultra-targeted search tools to help companies tell customers what makes them stand out from their competitors… Every month helps more than 2 million unique visitors quickly and easily find listings for businesses across town, across the province or across Canada.” Think “giant phone book”.

2) CanadaOne:

CanadaOne is a destination/portal website targeting Canadian SMEs. The site states it gets a healthy 60,000 unique visitors monthly, the majority of which are Canadian small business owners and operators. The site offers:

  • A directory of online resources
  • A business directory of over 5,000 validated Canadian businesses
  • Hundreds of business articles
  • Free online workshops
  • A monthly newsletter, and
  • Small business news

3) The Niagara Directory

The Niagara Business Directory, provides local businesses with the opportunity to profile their businesses (contact information and description). This is a regional business directory attempting like a local white/yellow pages directory for the Niagara region.

4) Canada Listings Online

Canada Listings Online, is an industry/provincial specific business directory and e-commerce service to help you market your company. It leverages S.E.O (search engine optimization) technology, to put your business in front of people searching on keywords. This listing provides you a forum to communicate the merits of your products and services to your target audience so you can increase your client base. With Canada Listings Online, you can advertise locally or in neighboring towns, cities, provincially or nationally.  

5) Small Business: Canada

You can advertise on if you have the budget. builds relevant content and then targets advertising to visitors who long into the site to access the info. Not ideal; but, an option.

6) Canada Post (Direct Mail)

Whether you”re trying to reach consumers or other businesses, Direct Mail is sometimes a good way for marketers who want to reach specific audiences with in person collateral. It can be highly targeted, and used correctly it goes directly into the hands of those you most want to reach and it arrives in a friendly, familiar way—the daily mail. If it doesn’t hit the circular file, then your brand can sit in front of people multiple times while they sort through it. Make sure you have an offer on the mail that doesn’t get it tossed in the trash. If you survive the first sort, you have a great chance for a good marketing impact.

According to the Consumer Attitudes Towards Direct Marketing, 2008 survey Canadians welcome direct mail compared to other methods of direct marketing and pay the most attention to it. And customers” opinions about companies that use Direct Mail are more positive than their opinions about companies that use other types of direct marketing, according to the survey.

If you currently use any of these already and want to put in your two cents or you have others to suggest please comment to this blog.


  • dimitri 01/11/13
    Odette, each site will have it's own way to get you listed, but the first step with all of them will be to get in touch.
  • Odette Haug 01/10/13
    Hi Silvie, all I need to do is contact those sites and show my interest in advertising with them? I own a travel agency and want to advertise in Canada.

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