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The Shipwire Blog/WP e-commerce Storage and Order Fulfillment

WP e-commerce Storage and Order Fulfillment

WP e-Commerce is now integrated with Shipwire.

See the WordPress blog posting here.

Thank you to Dan over at for his support for Shipwire. To check out their ecommerce plugin for Shipwire and WordPress please go to their site.

The WP e-Commerce shopping cart plug-in for WordPress is an industrial strength, elegant, and easy to use fully featured shopping cart application suitable for selling your products, services, and or fees online.

For more information see compatible cart instructions.

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  • Nate 10/31/11
    Our customer team should have reached out to you.
  • Anthony Bongiovi 10/07/11
    Hello Nate, I have a new start up company called Bongiovi Brand Pasta Sauces. I will be in need of worldwide shipping and fulfillment services. I'm thinking about using Volusion as my e-commerce solution and that's how I discovered you. I would like to discuss the possibilities as soon as you have a minute. Regards, Anthony

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