Our Customers

We stand behind our customers, because we want your customers to be delighted with your product.

It’s a Stripe for drop shipping! Shipwire Connect allowed my developer team to build a hub where suppliers could be defined with location characteristics and connect to TheGrommet.com to access orders, shipping labels, and packing lists. Our Magento shopping cart used Shipwire Connect to display Grommet-fulfilled and drop shipper shipped inventory and shipping rates to buyers in our checkout, with complex order splitting to ensure order dispatch was seamless.

— Todd Mannherz , The Grommet

Shipping with Shipwire has made our product better — in fact, Shipwire is part of the product now. Search for what people say about Supr Good Co and you will see how many people are positively commenting. They are astounded with the shipping. It’s magic!

— Erik Melander , Supr Good Co

Activating a new sales channel in such a short amount of time presents a number of challenges. We had questions about how to best integrate customer support, expose the offering to the widest audience, and of course manage fulfillment. Scaling our fulfillment requirements quickly and efficiently was easy with the Shipwire enterprise logistics solution.

— Mark Reynolds , SOL REPUBLIC

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