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How I Saved (with Shipwire Anywhere)

Entrepreneur Magazine (print), February, 2011

Shipwire customer Andrew Simmons, “After I opted to shut down my warehouse and use inventory management software and off-site shipping for e-commerce fulfillment for my 23 websites, I began to save time — but it was expensive. I was paying about $900 per month for inventory management software before I found out about Shipwire Anywhere, a competitor of the inventory management software I was using. By using its free software and only paying for the cost of shipping labels, I receive orders processed through the system and am able to pack them myself. Once the items get to be big sellers, I can use Shipwire’s expanded services, ship my products to its warehouses and have it handle the picking and packing. Altogether, I’m saving about $850 per month — plus I’m saving several hours a day on inventory management administration.”

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Kickstarter fulfillment: The Making of The Glif

Kickstarter Blog, January 23, 2011

The Glif was one of the most successful kickstarter projects run. The team that put together The Glif wrote a detailed blog post that documents how they went from idea to finished product in 5 months.

“The next big problem to solve was order fulfillment…Enter Shipwire stores your inventory in globally located fulfillment centers, and will take care of fulfilling your orders…The great thing about Shipwire is they tie directly to the online store we built (using Shopify), so orders are sent from the store to the fulfillment centers, seamlessly. When Shipwire first received our inventory from the manufacturers, they shipped out over 7,000 orders (all of Kickstarter plus some online orders) within 24 hours. Awesome.” Read the Blog Post

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PayPal Apps Launches With Shipwire

TechCrunch, October 26, 2010

Today, at the company’s developer conference in San Francisco, PayPal is releasing an embedded apps platform that will give PayPal developers a fully integrated set of small business, and buyer and seller tools that enhance PayPal’s payments platform. PayPal Apps allows developers to embed applications directly on the PayPal website and offer SaaS apps which enhance PayPal’s services. It’s similar in theory to eBay’s apps for Sellers. The new platform, which is launching with a number of pilot partners today, will be released to the public next year. For example, Shipping and order management startup Shipwire has partnered with PayPal to gve developers a complete suite of shipping tools and multi-channel order management to manage their shipping without leaving PayPal. Read more.

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