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Ingram Micro Expands Into e-Commerce Services Market With Acquisition Of Shipwire

Wall Street Journal, October 28, 2013

Ingram Micro Inc. (NYSE: IM), the world’s largest wholesale technology distributor and a global leader in supply-chain and mobile device lifecycle services, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement pursuant to which it will acquire Shipwire, Inc., a leading provider of global fulfillment services for emerging multi-channel brands. The award-winning Shipwire platform provides on-demand e-commerce fulfillment and supply chain management from a network of global pick-pack and ship warehouses to more than 1,000 emerging brands and web retailers. Integrated into the top e-commerce platforms and based in Silicon Valley, Shipwire has pioneered cloud logistics with on-demand fulfillment center and shipping tools, Web services, and innovative developer tools, that can all be used together to solve complex global logistics problems.

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Press Interview Questions for Shipwire

Below are some interview questions if you would like a place to get started in preparing your interview of a Shipwire representative. By no means do we limit responses to just these questions. We simply provide these to help you identify where you would like to focus the time you spend with us, which we really appreciate.

General Shipwire focused Questions

  • What is Shipwire?
  • Shipwire is an Interesting idea, where did it come from?
  • What type of merchants is Shipwire a good fit for?
  • How does Shipwire integrate into a merchant’s existing shopping cart?
  • What carts does it integrate with?
  • What are the charges and set up fees for a merchant to use Shipwire?
  • Where are the Shipwire warehouses?
  • Why do you have so many warehouses? Most order fulfillment companies have 1.
  • Give us an example of how Shipwire can reduce shipping fees for a merchant.
  • How can a merchant track shipments to its customers using Shipwire?
  • How does a Shipwire powered merchant handle returns?
  • Does a merchant have to send you all their inventory, or just what they want you to fulfill?
  • How do merchants get inventory to Shipwire?
  • If a merchant wants to go into Canada or the UK, how can Shipwire help?
  • Does Shipwire help with B2B/wholesale/retail compliance in addition to B2C?

General Industry Questions (not just about Shipwire)

  • What is “order fulfillment”?
  • What are some pit-falls to watch out for when outsourcing order fulfillment?
  • Why would an Internet retailer/merchant use an order fulfillment company?
  • Why should merchants choose Shipwire for their fulfillment needs?
  • What is the difference between B2C and B2B order fulfillment?
  • How important is location for order fulfillment?
  • What should a merchant ask when investigating an order fulfillment provider?
  • How can order fulfillment outsourcing save a merchant shipping costs?
  • How does an order fulfillment company work with a retailer?
  • What is pick and pack versus Lick ‘n Stick®?
  • Where do people go to get order fulfillment pricing? Internationally?
  • What shipping options do merchants use in Canada? UK?
  • How is international order fulfillment different from consolidating shipments?
  • When a merchant ships internationally what do they need to watch out for?
  • Do merchants need to do tax different or register their business when they move inventory internationally?
  • What is retail compliance and how does EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) factor in?

Industry Trend Questions

  • Why are U.S. merchants experiencing a surge in International shipping requests/orders?
  • What impact has the dollar had on international shipping?
  • PayPal made cross-border monetary transfer easy, why is shipping not as easy?
  • How can merchants enter the U.S., Canadian or European market, if they are not from that country?
  • What are some pitfalls for sellers/retailers that ship goods internationally to Canada, UK or Europe?
  • With fuel prices increasing, what do you recommend to merchants to keep shipping costs low?
  • Why do you recommend storing inventory in multiple warehouses?
  • the parcel carriers (UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS) seem to be raising rates annually, is there anything a merchant can do about that?
  • Is it possible for a small merchant to have the supply chain efficiency of a Walmart® or Costco®?
  • What does a Fortune 500 company do for warehousing and shipping?
  • Why would a business want East and West Coast warehouses?
  • For Importers, how do you recommend they set up their inventory supply chain?
  • Drop ship is a common term now, what is it?
  • What are some of the pros and cons of drop ship?
  • Do drop ship distributors ship International?
  • What happens to retailers if a drop shipper runs out of product?
  • Is the margin small for drop shippers?
  • How does a merchant move from Drop Ship to being a “true” retailer? How hard is it?
  • How can Shipwire help a struggling drop shipper?
  • What outsourced business automation tools should a merchant look into?
  • For merchants that are reluctant to outsource, what would you tell them?
  • What benefits can a merchant that outsources order fulfillment expect?
  • Should merchants be careful outsourcing order fulfillment to a warehouse that is also a retailer?
  • Do you have some type of guide for merchants to get ready for the holidays?
  • Do you have some type of timeline for merchants to work around for importing goods for the holidays?
  • Do you help merchants import?
  • How big of a role does foreign sourcing play for merchants today?
  • Do you have any tips for merchants that want to source inventory internationally?

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Press resources

Welcome to Shipwire’s Press Resources. Here you can find more information and press photos of our CEO, and Shipwire logos.

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Industry Statistics

Below are some relevant Industry Statistics that may be relevant if you are writing an article on Shipwire or the shipping and storage industry.

Los Angeles Port:

  • 1st busiest container-port in the United States (#1 ranking since 2000).
  • 8th busiest container-port in the World.
  • 5th busiest container-port in the world when combined with the neighboring port of Long beach.
  • By market share, Los Angeles &Long Beach ports combined bring in 43% of the nation’s imports and 71% of the West Coast’s imports
  • Asia Imports represent the top trading partners (cargo value in 2006) with an estimated $221.5 Billion in inventory value (not shipping costs).
    • China $94.5B
    • Japan $36.8 B
    • Taiwan $13.B
    • SouthKorea $7.6B
    • Thailand $6.9B
  • Relevant container volume stats (measured by Twenty-foot Equivalent Units (TEU’s)) for 2006
    • 448,630 – Clothing & Shoes
    • 195,864 – Computers and Office Machine
    • 163,406 – Toys

Logistics Industry Statistics:

  • From the CSCMP State of Logistics Report, 2006:
  • 2005 business logistics costs were $1.1 trillion, or 9.5% of GDP, up 15.2% from 2004
    • Of this $1.1 trillion:
      • Inventory carrying costs: $393 billion
        • Warehousing: $90 billion
      • Transportation costs: $744 billion, or 6% of GDP
  • LA port handled 4.8 million containers in 2005

Small business Statistics (from SBA), Small Business Powers the U.S. Economy:

  • Represent 99.7 percent of all employer firms.
  • Employ half of all private sector employees.
  • Pay more than 45 percent of total U.S. private payroll.
  • Have generated 60 to 80 percent of net new jobs annually
  • Create more than 50 percent of non-farm private gross domestic product (GDP).
  • Are 53 percent home-based and 3 percent franchises.
  • Made up 97 percent of all identified exporters and produced 28.6 percent of the known export value in FY 2004.

E-commerce Industry Statistics:

  • E-commerce is on Track to Hit $200B in Sales in 2007
  • Retail E-commerce increased 23% in Q3’07 compared to Q3’06
  • From Comscore, retail e-commerce gains in ’07 are being led by electronics and toys, with apparel in the top 10.

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