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Clean Up Your Logistics

Inc., February 7, 2012

Packing, labeling, shipping, handling: It’s all really expensive. Here’s how one designer tackled shipping costs…by continuing to outsource its logistics.

An award-winning designer of cat litter boxes, ModProducts, needed to make a major decision‚ÄĒoutsource its shipping and fulfillment, or move to a warehouse space and do it themselves. This build vs. buy decision is something that many start-ups and small firms will deal with during the course of their business’ growth. The challenge is logistics, which comes from the Greek logistik√≥s meaning “skilled in calculation, rational” the planning, implementation, and coordination of the details of a business or other operation. Should designers concentrate on those details, or let someone else handle them?

With a manufacture’s agent in Taiwan they had met on a previous job, the team at Modko contracted to create their product and have it shipped to the United States. But the minimum order was 1,500 units, but they had nowhere to store extra product. Teper had researched ecommerce solution Shopify, and found Shipwire as one of their integration partners.

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