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From Crowd Funding to Crowd Pleasing

Aspire Magazine, August, 2012

An iPhone case with an integrated bottle opener, the Opena® Case was – funnily enough – conceived over a few beers. Launched using Kickstarter in June 2011, it received 50% of its funding goal within the first week. Word quickly spread around Australia, America, France, Japan, and Russia and by the end of the first month, the product received 188% of its original funding goal. Not a bad start to kick business off.

Realising its potential and with hundreds of pre-orders to fill, Chris and Rob then madly went to work on sorting out tooling, manufacturing, packaging, fulfilment and shipping. They used Shopify (an online e-commerce platform) to sell and Shipwire to distribute.

In late September 2011, the first shipment of Opena® Cases were sent out to the 578 Kickstarter backers around the world.

Chris and Rob claim that their business would probably never have got off the ground, had it not have been for these people and will be forever grateful. As a thank you, they paid special tribute to the backers that helped them get started by sending them limited edition Opena® Cases.

To date, tens of thousands of Opena® Cases have been shipped to over 75 countries and orders are still flooding in.

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