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PrestaShop and Shipwire, a Dynamic Partnership for Overseas Expansion

Business Process Outsourcing, May 21st, 2012

Many of the potential barriers that stifle the development of companies from expanding into overseas markets are unorganized shipping and storage strategies. PrestaShop is a reputable company that makes the success of businesses, their business. PrestaShop realized that Shipwire, a company that specializes in streamlining shipping and storage operations, could offer services to their clients that will assist PrestaShop’s merchants skyrocket in overseas markets.

The marriage between the two companies is an idyllic affair for what each individual company brought to the table. Shipwire brought their cloud-based services that serve logistical purposes, their innovative shipping software, and their expertise in outsourcing order procedures that can be quite a hassle. PrestaShop brought the clients. PrestaShop serves a growing community with an impressive current population of 300,000 members, which is what would be expected of the 2010 and 2011 winner of best Open-source Business Applications.

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