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Palo Alto, CA April 1, 2010

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Shipwire Launches New “Second Day Before Yesterday” Shipping Service.

Palo Alto, CA— April 1, 2010 Shipwire (NYSE2020, SW), the leading provider of outsourced product fulfillment, today announced new shipping services which will allow merchants to ship their products to customers before the customer has ordered them — launching the newest revolution in e-commerce since the on demand global warehouse network — Predictive Fulfillment™ and Second Day Before Yesterday™ shipping. This service is targeted to merchants who specialize in goods with limited shelf life such as bell-bottoms, Mondale/Ferraro ’84 bumper stickers, and Pauly Shore “Weez” merchandise.

“In the past decade, the shipping industry has made great strides in next-day and even same-day shipping, but we believe the future of the industry to be in the past,” stated Nate Gilmore, Vice President of Former Marketing and Retroactive Business Development for Shipwire. “Never before have merchants been in the unique position to satisfy the needs of their customers before the customers even know they have needs. As many of our merchants will soon discover, and as many of their customers already have, shipping packages through time opens an entirely new can of wormholes. By partnering with Shipwire, merchants can leave it to us to get their product from Time B to Time A, every time.”

Shipwire merchants no longer need to be concerned with the side-effects of shipping to the past. As part of this new service, Shipwire will provide insurance on all packages. Paradox-Proof Shipping Insurance™ guarantees each package will reach the customer without significantly altering the fabric of space-time.  “The service is virtually risk-free,” said Gilmore. “We expect to see significant traction for this shipping method the day or two after key forgettable holidays like Mother’s Day, marriage anniversaries, Babies Mama’s birthdays and of course Valentines Day. We toyed with calling it ”˜prophetic fulfillment”; but, thought the shelf life for that brand wouldn’t last much past 2012.”

Shipwire will also be licensing Second Day Before Yesterday and Predictive Fulfillment to retailers of perishable goods like flowers and food products.   “When we first discussed shipping flowers through time, I thought it sounded pretty heavy,” said Martin McFly, CEO of 1-200-FLOWERS. “I couldn’t have been more wrong. Working with Shipwire’s fulfillment software has eliminated the need to handle our own deliveries, saving us time, money, and creating a whole new market for decayed flowers. We can now ship old flowers back in time and they will arrive fresh, alive and in some cases before the flowers have even opened. The forgetful buyer now has a chance to get out of the dog house for a small price.”

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Please note: the information in this article may  contain backward-looking statements.

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