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Even the Boss Needs Time Off

Fox Small Business Center, April 20, 2010

“Entrepreneur Diary” by Damon Schechter, founder and CEO of Shipwire Product Fulfillment.

Measuring your daily successes can be done by looking at revenue or customer satisfaction; but, finding ways to measure the time (and money) you save by automating can be tough. Perhaps use as a gauge the following questions: can you take a week off from work; or relocate your office to a different spot and work ¼ or ½ day for two weeks? If you can’t, you may want to reallocate some time to figuring out how. Tim Ferris and the Four Hour Work Week blog offers a lot of ideas. If you are a small business, you can also check out for hosted software that integrates and automates. Read more. | PDF version.

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Shipwire Takes the Complexity Out of Shipping and Storage

America’s Best Companies, September 2009

Shipwire is helping small business owners level the playing field by helping them break into the global marketplace. Shipwire provides outsourced fulfillment services for businesses that want to eliminate the hassles of product storage and shipping so they can focus on growing sales. With Shipwire, any Web entrepreneur, online retailer or importer can plug into a Fortune 500 supply chain and automate product fulfillment from Shipwire’s global warehouse network. Read entire article here.

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