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Out-of-The-Box Warehousing

FuelNet, November 10, 2009

Shane Ellison’s new Internet enterprise was making money, but he had no room to grow the business…“It got crazy on many levels,” he says. “We were snatching orders off the Internet, packaging, labeling, and standing in line with a bunch of boxes.” What’s more, the fledgling company had no way of tracking orders, so employees were spending a lot of time trying to answer customer questions….Since most fulfillment services are geared toward bigger businesses, Ellison’s search for a solution was frustrating until he saw an article about Shipwire…Ellison, whose business has doubled since he started his company three years ago, gives a lot of credit to Shipwire for his successful business development. “It was the missing link to the technology I needed to grow,” he says. “I took their free month [of service], and we haven’t looked back. I look at online entrepreneurs who are still packing their goods and taking them to the post office, and I can’t understand. Read how to improve the online order fulfillment process. | PDF version.

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