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How to grow your e-commerce business beyond the garage

Enterprise Nation, May 7, 2010

Outsourcing order fulfillment can turn your warehouse costs into a predictable variable cost-per-order, with maximum flexibility and limited exposure, and it allows you to maintain focus on the core parts of growing your business, instead of dumping resources of money, time and brainpower into a warehouse… As you investigate outsourcing your inventory storage and order shipping, think of it as a tool in your toolkit. You don’t have to outsource all your shipping – it’s not all or nothing. Here are some ways you can leverage an outsourced warehouse for just a piece of your business… Read more. |  PDF version.

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Understanding Dimensional Weight Pricing

Multi-Channel Merchant, March 3, 2010

When it comes to calculating shipping and handling fees, merchants make a number of mistakes that can cost money. A big one is neglecting to pay attention to the rules parcel carriers have instituted for shipping large, lightweight packages… FedEx, UPS, the U.S. Postal Service and other major small parcel carriers have adopted what’s called the dimensional weight pricing rule—or box size—to calculate shipping costs on ground shipments. That means retailers that ship lighter, larger-than-average-size packages that take up extra space on an airplane or a truck will pay higher shipping costs than they did under the old definitions for oversize packages. Read more about calculating shipping costs here. | PDF version.

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Cut Costs with an Energy Emissions Profile

AMEX OPEN, January 15, 2010100

Reducing emissions — the pollutants, especially carbon dioxide, that are produced when fuel combusts — greens up your business and helps you save money…. Your carbon footprint is also affected by… shipping. Looking at each of these in turn helps you develop plans to reduce energy waste. “When you”re dealing with the movement of goods the trick to lessen emissions is to make the goods travel less distance.” Making goods travel less distance also saves money: “There’s a tight correlation between shipping cost and shipping distance.” For greening your shipping, read more here. | PDF version.

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Cost Cutters: Reduce Shipping Costs

Wall Street Journal, September 22, 2008

As transportation costs continue to skyrocket, so too does the cost of shipping your business inventory and ordering supplies…try fulfillment services.
For businesses that have far-flung customers but don’t have a distribution partner, fulfillment services such as Shipwire…offer small-business owners a place to stow their products close to customers. For instance, a small U.S. company with customers in Montreal might consider a fulfillment service to house its inventory in Canada. While these services typically charge a monthly fee, business owners can avoid some international shipping duties, customs brokerage fees and other shipping costs. Read more. | PDF Version.

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