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Shipwire & Doba: Manufacturer Wholesale Drop Ship Fulfillment

Business Wire, February17, 2009

E-commerce innovators Shipwire and Doba launch first free drop ship fulfillment service for manufacturers and suppliers.

Shipwire provides automated drop ship fulfillment for direct sales linked to more than 20,000 Doba e-tailers
SUNNYVALE, Calif. February 17, 2009—Shipwire, Inc., a leader in international e-commerce order fulfillment, and Doba, a virtual inventory management and direct merchandise marketplace for retail merchants, have announced a new partnership that will enable suppliers and manufacturers to quickly distribute products through Doba’s growing network of drop ship retailers, and fulfill orders with Shipwire e-commerce order fulfillment.

“Together, Shipwire and Doba have eliminated the technology barriers that once challenged wholesale drop ship suppliers,” said Damon Schechter, founder and CEO of Shipwire and author of Delivering the Goods: The Art of Managing Your Supply Chain (Wiley, 2002). “Suppliers and manufacturers previously had to internally develop or contract a systems integrator to connect their fulfillment operations to Doba. Our partnership and new real-time connection frees any supplier to instantly participate in the Doba drop ship marketplace, and provides complete automation of order fulfillment for direct drop ship sales.”

The free drop shipping tools Doba and Shipwire provide will enable retail merchants to meet market demands and expand distribution channels. “Suppliers and manufacturers are increasingly looking for innovative solutions to streamline operations and improve distribution,” Schechter said. “Doba’s marketplace of product-hungry online merchants and eBay drop shippers presents a unique opportunity for manufacturers to grow sales through product drop ship—an opportunity blocked in the past by expensive IT warehouse integrations. Now Shipwire and Doba are completing the product supply chain from the manufacturer direct to the customer’s door, allowing manufacturers and suppliers to open new distribution channels to grow their business.”
“By integrating Shipwire with Doba’s inventory-on-demand marketplace, we make it infinitely easier for suppliers to begin drop shipping,” said Blaine Nielsen, CEO, Doba. “We”re opening up new channels for manufacturer drop shipping that will produce sales growth at virtually no cost and with relatively little effort.”

The Shipwire-Doba partnership creates an integrated sales channel for product distribution that will provide increased inventory visibility, access to more Web listings and efficient automated delivery. Doba will provide suppliers access to its network from the Shipwire Store-Sell-Ship™ platform for no fee. Merchants have instant access to Doba virtual warehouses of 1.2 million products from hundreds of wholesale suppliers and Shipwire order fulfillment, all with no contract or commitment, and a pay-for-usage fee structure. Suppliers deposit inventory with Shipwire, and synch their inventory to Doba via a wizard in their Shipwire account.

“The process is completely streamlined,” Schechter explained. “Orders placed on a Web site automatically flow to Shipwire warehouses, where products are packed and shipped to buyers. The combination is ideal for manufacturers, large distributors, liquidators, wholesale suppliers and multi-channel sellers who want to empower more online retailers to sell their drop-ship inventory.”

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Doba’s Web-based Inventory on Demand platform automates the e-commerce supply chain through virtual inventory management and direct merchandise fulfillment. Recently ranked as one of the nation’s fastest-growing and most innovative companies by indices such as the Inc. 500 (#324), Deloitte Technology Fast 500 (#6), and the Mountain West Capital Network (#1), Doba connects retail merchants to the virtual inventories of millions of products from hundreds of wholesale suppliers. For more information, visit

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