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Learn How to Become an eBay Dropshipper with Shipwire

Skip McGrath, December 21, 2009

Shipwire, an independent drop ship warehouse announced a new eBay connection today whereby eBay merchants will find it even easier to sell their goods on eBay and fulfill with Shipwire, thanks to a free eBay shipping tool that connects their eBay and Shipwire accounts. The announcement underscores Shipwire’s commitment to helping merchants outsource the hassle of shipping and storage, leaving them free to focus on growing sales. Read Skip’s article. | PDF version.

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Move Beyond Drop Shipping

Skip McGrath, April, 2009

Many eBay Power Sellers and small website owners are looking for easier, more automated ways to buy in bulk and add products to their online store, without having to actually ship orders or store inventory locally… Another service has come to my attention that allows you to make buying light bulk (not huge containers, but small lots) inventory in order to expand your product catalog with products you buy wholesale and sell retail so seamless, you don’t dirty your hands with the day to day shipping at all….Shipwire order fulfillment…can be leveraged to help you expand beyond drop shipping by buying small amounts of inventory, storing it with Shipwire and connecting Shipwire to your eBay, Amazon and online store. Read more. | PDF version.

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Sell Direct on eBay UK or Canada

Skip McGrath, March, 2009

Shipwire is a warehouse dropshipping service. You store your products with them and they ship for you. If you want to sell overseas they have a warehouse in the UK and Toronto. So you would ship your products in bulk, clear and pay customs and Shipwire will store the products for you. When you make a sale, you simply enter the order and customer’s address on a web form and Shipwire ships it to your customer for you. Now you have a choice. You can pay for international site visibility or you can just open an account on eBay UK and list directly there. Read the article.

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