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A Movement Known as 'The Small Business Web'

Practical eCommerce, June 14, 2010

The Small Business Web (TSBW), a clearing house of resources perfectly suited to the needs of small business… [has a] passion for helping small businesses by providing affordably(sic)-priced software products. Requirements to join are minimal, but set at a high standard. Businesses must have “a passion for customer service, an excellent product or service, a solid business model and most importantly, an open API.”… Categories of members run the gamut from Accounting to Version Control. Ecommerce is represented as well with companies such as … 3dcart, Shopify, and ShipwireRead more. | PDF version.

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Globalization is for Small Companies Too

Los Angeles Times, February 22, 2010

A reader at the Los Angeles Times asks “I always hear about globalization, but isn’t the impact mostly on big companies?” Karen K. Klein’s answer is… “For decades, large corporations have been buying supplies and moving manufacturing overseas to cut costs”… “The tools are now in place to allow businesses of all sizes to have a global supply chain,” said Damon Schechter, chief executive of Shipwire, an order fulfillment firm. “If a company has a fast-selling product they can sell in another country, the only thing that stops them from entering that market is the degree of their desire… Buying supplies and selling products overseas no longer require a vast product line or budget,” Schechter said… Online tools for managing advertising, shipping and other aspects of a business have created a “border-less” marketplace that is wide open to smaller, e-commerce firms… Read more. | PDF version.

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How Entrepreneurs Handle Overseas Shipping, Dec 5th 2009

Many small businesses thrive overseas, but it can be tough for businesses who have never dealt with all the intricacies of sales out of the country to navigate through all of the obstacles…. “Shipwire is uniquely able to bypass the hassles and frustrations typically associated with shipping and logistics, allowing our customers to focus on what they do best: increasing sales and growing their company. We allow SMBs to seamlessly expand internationally by… doing all the heavy lifting, handling the complexity of shipping…” Read about the ways in which Shipwire can help expand your business overseas here. | PDF version.

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Outsourced Order Fulfillment on DMRadio

Information Management, July 16th 2009Outsource order fulfillment

Shipwire’s Nate Gilmore was a panelist to discuss trends in outsourcing for businesses. The call had a some sound issues and you must register to access and download the podcast. The topics discussed were enterprise and small business service outsourcing and some top tips to consider when outsourcing: 1) Try it first; 2) Considerations of partial outsourcing; 3) Managing outsourcing expectations; 4) Service level guarantees and the impact to agreements and pricing …. and 5) Why outsourced order fulfillment provides businesses owners with a “neck to choke” and why this is a good thing. Trends in Outsourcing.

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Shipping 2.0 – Using a Virtual Warehouse Service

Entrepreneur Magazine, April, 2008n_entrepeneur1.gif

With a virtual warehouse service, all you have to lose are rent and delivery costs. founder Mark Stern was thrilled about outgrowing his 3,000-square-foot leased warehouse–until he discovered that moving to a larger one would eat up his 4-year-old company’s margin advantage over competitors. But instead of opting for an old-world warehouse fulfillment service, the million-dollar pet supply company linked up with a Web 2.0 service provider called Shipwire, simulatenously avoiding a capital expenditure and reducing shipping costs overall. “As it stands now, Doggypads saved 66 percent a month on rent by [using] Shipwire over our own warehouse,” says Stern, 34, whose company is based in Los Angeles. “Those savings continue to increase as our volume grows–not to mention the costs we’ve offset or eliminated by using a third-party fulfillment company.” Those costs include insurance premiums and expenses related to employee management. Read more. | PDF Version.

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