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Zoovy Integrates with Shipwire Fulfillment Service

AuctionBytes, March 24, 2008n_auctionbytes.jpg

Ecommerce solutions provider Zoovy announced a strategic integration with fulfillment service Shipwire. The new integration allows Zoovy’s merchants to store merchandise and fulfill orders from multiple warehouses throughout the US and Canada. Shipwire is connected to the Zoovy checkout and order solution, sending orders directly to the Shipwire Store-Sell-Ship platform. When customers order from Zoovy stores, Shipwire picks, packs and ships the products. Senior Director of Marketing and Business Development for Shipwire Nate Gilmore said, “Shipwire and Zoovy both enable merchants to focus on growing their business by eliminating the day-to-day hassles of running an Internet retail business. Working together we expect to help merchants streamline their Internet and fulfillment operations to more easily enter, and be successful in, domestic and international markets.” Read more. |  PDF Version.

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Warehouse as a Service

CIO-Weblog, March 24, 2008cioweblog.gif

“Shipwire has four warehouses available in North America (and are experimenting with another in Great Britain). Of course, the part that I find most interesting is the integration, and Shipwire is ahead of the game there; they have an impressive list of software which their system works with out of the box, and they publish their API for other developers to work with as well.” Read more. | PDF Version.

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Outsourced Web 2.0 Fulfillment

Geekpreneur, March 20, 2008

“When you”re a one-man band, you have to do everything — even the sorts of jobs that had a boss asked you to do them, would have had you storming for the exit. While hiring help can be one useful solution, many small business owners are faced with a Catch 22: paying employees lets you focus on the most valuable parts of your business and boosts growth; but it also requires capital”¦ which you won’t have until you”ve achieved that growth. When it comes to one of the most difficult (and frustrating) aspects of running a small business — the logistics of delivery and warehousing — there is a way out of this vicious circle. The whole system is very simple. You just have to ship your goods to Shipwire’s warehouses, send them your orders — together with the delivery fees — and they handle everything for you.” Read more. | PDF Version.

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Keetsa Uses Shipwire – Keeps Both Prices and Carbon Footprint Low

Business Wire, January 22, 2008

Shipwire, Inc., the leader in Internet-delivered storage and shipping services, today announced that Keetsa has successfully deployed Shipwire to eliminate the hassles of warehousing and order fulfillment — and keep its environmentally friendly mattresses’ carbon footprint low. Keetsa is using the game-changing Shipwire storage and shipping solution to get its revolutionary, eco-friendly memory-foam mattresses to customers faster and easier, in the process removing Keetsa’s need for a 10,000 square-foot warehouse.

If you”ve seen all the sleep aid commercials on television, it’s obvious that getting a good night’s sleep is a major problem. So when Keetsa introduced a revolutionary, eco-friendly memory foam mattress that can help people sleep better for less, the demand for the product was clearly there. In keeping with the company’s environmental and cost-saving commitment, Keetsa had also developed a unique packaging solution that allowed the mattresses to be boxed for easy shipping to buyers, reducing transport costs and overall carbon emissions.

According to sales director Joe Alexander, what Keetsa didn’t anticipate was the sleepless nights trying to find a warehouse to store and ship its mattresses. Keetsa found itself stuck in a classic small business box. Joe needed a warehouse that would fit his storage needs, but traditional warehouses wouldn’t work with the company. Keetsa’s patented packaging is designed within the carrier specifications so that they could be uniquely delivered through the mail. Despite that, traditional warehouses either didn’t want to deal with mattresses or demanded long-term contracts, upfront fees, and a credit check that would have been hard for a newly established business to pass.

“For awhile, it seemed like the only option was to pay for our own 10,000 square-foot warehouse in Oakland, California,” said Joe. “That was not a choice we wanted to make. Not only would the added costs force Keetsa to raise retail prices, but we would have to spend a lot of time managing the warehouse – time we needed to spend tending to retail sales and educating people about Keetsa’s products.”

Just as Joe and the Keetsa team were getting ready for more sleepless nights away from home, they found out about Shipwire and it’s game-changing storage and shipping solution for Web retailers ready to focus on growth. It was exactly what they knew Keetsa needed but never thought they would find. Shipwire’s easy plug-and-play online store order fulfillment solution eliminates the hassle of storage and shipping for growing retail companies.

“Shipwire’s model was a perfect fit,” Joe says. “There were no annual commitments or credit checks – just a low monthly fee, and Shipwire customized a pricing plan for us quickly.” Using, Keetsa was able to put inventory into East and West coast warehouses and automate mattress shipments to its growing list of online buyers from the online store.

“We chose the Shipwire warehouse and order fulfillment service for its flexibility. It gave us storage and delivery features that we needed at a price we appreciated.” Joe says. Keetsa estimates that using Shipwire saved them at least 35 percent versus the Oakland warehouse alternative – a savings that enables Keetsa to maintain the lowest retail prices on its mattresses. “ combined with our unique packaging is a huge advantage that allows us to compete against established players.”

In addition to saving money, Shipwire’s solution gives Keetsa other powerful advantages to help stay competitive.

Receiving and Delivery the way Keetsa wants it

Shipwire does not require Keetsa to deliver product on pallets, which allows the company to pack import containers with an estimated one-fourth more product. Shipwire’s warehouse professionals handle Keetsa’s container unloads.

The power of multiple warehouses

“Shipwire listened to our needs and then customized a pricing plan that gave us features, like multiple warehouses, that we never even dreamed possible,” says Joe. “Using Shipwire’s East and West Coast warehouses lets us move inventory closer to our customers, keeping our delivery costs low. Less travel also means less fuel, lowering the carbon footprint of our mattresses.”

80 percent less time

“It takes us about an hour to ship a mattress from our flagship retail store in San Francisco — pulling the box from inventory, labeling it, and waiting for the shipper,” explains Joe. “It takes just a couple of minutes to log into and schedule a mattress for shipping from our Shipwire warehouses.”

Eliminate the Headaches of the warehouse, freight movement and order fulfillment

Shipwire is Keetsa’s warehouse and shipping expert. If something goes wrong, Keetsa can turn to Shipwire and get answers quickly. “We move a lot of inventory around the world and sometimes things go wrong with a freight shipment or a specific customer delivery,” states Joe. “Sending through Shipwire reduces shipping mistakes. If a shipment is lost, Shipwire’s team and tools make tracking down the error and resolving it quick, easy and typically in our favor. That is a nice change.”

Taking back control

Instead of Keetsa bowing to the demands of warehouses, hoping they would do business with the innovative company, Joe has put the power back in Keetsa’s hands by using Shipwire. He doesn’t need to lease warehouses. Now the Keetsa team can manage inventory and delivery in a way that is convenient and affordable for them while gaining a competitive business advantage.

Even the fact that they didn’t have to sign an annual contract with Shipwire gave Keetsa more control. “It means Shipwire has to keep proving itself to us everyday,” Joe notes. Although he quickly adds, “But believe me, we have no intention of leaving Shipwire.” Especially since working with Shipwire, the entire Keetsa team sleeps a whole lot better.


For more information on how your business can leverage Shipwire to save shipping costs and lower your company’s carbon footprint please see the Shipwire Blog and forum posting — Environmentally Friendly Storage and Shipping Practices.

Keetsa brings an eco-friendly, sustainability orientation to sleep products with amazing new items such as mattresses, pillows, and toppers that deliver comfort night after night. Keetsa also brings safer sleep environments by using everyday, natural ingredients that deliver anti-bacterial benefits. These products come together in one of the most efficient business models that produces a much lower carbon foot print than typical mattress stores”¦and every day cost savings to consumers in the range of 50 to 75 percent. To learn more, visit

Shipwire, Inc. allows Web retailers to focus on growth by eliminating the hassle of inventory storage and order fulfillment. Plans start at just $29.95 a month. Shipwire is changing the game for businesses that sell merchandise online — offering a growing warehouse network, simple bundled pricing, a developer network, and Web store integration. Today, more than 30,000 online stores have Shipwire built-in. Shipwire has warehouses located in Los Angeles, Chicago and Toronto. Shipwire can be contacted at 1-888-SHIPWIRE or

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Customer Poof Highlights Shipwire for Enabling Dream

n_entrepeneur1.gifWomen Entrepreneur, November 26, 2007

Like many restless college roommates, Jamee Kunichika and Sherilyn Luke wanted a business to call their own. Instead of just dreaming about it, they took action. Three years later, having endured extreme highs and lows, they are enjoying the sweet smell of success. Together they have attained their dreams with POOF, a liquid toilet odor eliminator. Read more

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Shipwire Adds Canada Warehouse; Warehouse Vancouver; Warehouse Toronto

Business Wire, November 12, 2007

Shipwire, Inc. today announced the addition of a Class A Toronto, Canada warehouse facility, extending its bid to reshape how small and growing Web merchants store, sell and ship their products worldwide. Shipwire provides assistance importing to Canada.

Shipwire’s expansion into Canada marks a breakthrough and opens up new markets for Web retailers. With one Shipwire account, merchants can place inventory in Shipwire’s existing East and West coast U.S. warehouses, and now Canada. The Achilles heels for U.S. merchants selling to Canadian customers are shipping costs and the risk of clearing customers on a per-order basis. Shipwire’s Canadian expansion empowers growing Web retailers to easily move and store wholesale and retail inventory in bulkwithin Canada. The result is faster delivery to buyers with lower shipping charges and less headaches.

To kick-off the opening of its Toronto warehouse facility and help merchants prepare for the holiday season, Shipwire is offering special deals for retailers who schedule a shipment to the Toronto warehouse by November 16, 2007. New subscribers will receive a free month of storage on space valued at up to $250 per month. Existing Shipwire customers can receive Shipwire account credits, which vary depending on whether a container or parcel is scheduled for receiving.

International order fulfillment has, to date, been out-of-reach to small Web retailers. With Shipwire, merchants can now simply plug a domestic or international warehouse into their Web store with no long-term contracts. Shipwire’s Canadian warehouse represents a remarkable opportunity for Web wholesalers and retailers to reach new growing markets, with minimal headaches,” said Damon Schechter, founder and CEO of Shipwire, and author of Delivering the Goods: The Art of Managing Your Supply Chain (Wiley, 2002).

Merchants wanting to fulfill their Canadian customer orders “locally” can now do so in a matter of minutes through Shipwire’s easy-to-use control panel. Merchants simply log into their Shipwire account, add the new Canadian warehouse to their account, and schedule inventory for receiving in Canada. Behind the scenes, Shipwire prepares the inventory and handles warehouse coordination. Shipwire provides assistance with clearing customs and options to establish Canadian Business Registration and tax IDs. Through these features and the buying power enabled by Shipwire, small businesses can now reach a wealth of new North American markets that previously were beyond their reach.

Mark Stern, president and founder of and a Shipwire customer states, “The Canadian market represents a huge opportunity for our pet products; however, it has always been expensive and time consuming to ship individual orders from the U.S. to Canada and clear customs each time. Moving some of my inventory into Canada with Shipwire will help me reduce costs and make sure my customer orders are fulfilled quickly.”

Shipwire’s Canadian facility is the first in a network of international warehouses being established under the lead of Saul Smith, a 25-year retail veteran who has joined Shipwire as vice president of warehouse operations and is chartered with driving the company’s global distribution strategy. (For more details, see also Shipwire’s press release, “Shipwire Adds 25-Year Retail Veteran to Leadership Team in Bid to Change How Web Retailers Deliver Their Products to Customers,” dated November 12, 2007.)

Shipwire, Inc. allows Web retailers to focus on growth by eliminating the hassle of storage and shipping. Plans start at just $29.95 a month. Shipwire is changing the game for businesses that sell merchandise online — offering a growing warehouse network, simple bundled pricing, a developer network, and Web store integration. Today, more than 30,000 online stores have Shipwire built-in. Shipwire has warehouses located strategically in Los Angeles, Chicago and Toronto. Shipwire can be contacted at 1-888-SHIPWIRE or

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