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Pleasant Dreams

NRF Stores, June, 2010

Solution helps green mattress retailer reduce carbon footprint and logistics headaches

If you”re manufacturing them, you want…to not lose sleep worrying about the cost of warehousing and distribution… Keetsa, a three-year-old manufacturer of eco-friendly mattresses whose balance sheet is resting comfortably now thanks to its relationship with e-commerce order fulfillment company Shipwire, based in Palo Alto, Calif… Keetsa has seen an estimated 35 percent reduction in warehousing costs, as well as the development of an ultra-efficient delivery system… Shipwire’s online store order fulfillment solution model “was a perfect fit for us,” Alexander says… If not for Shipwire, Alexander says, Keetsa’s distribution costs “would be huge. There’s a lot of cost involved in the traditional mattress supply chain which we don’t have. At the store level, we would have to have delivery trucks and crews, pay Workman’s Comp and insurance…” With Shipwire, he says, that time has been cut an estimated 80 percent. Read more. | PDF version.

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Crafts software e-retailer finds a better way to ship to overseas customers

Internet Retailer, May 13, 2010

ThoughtFish Media makes and sells software online that customers in 77 countries use to design things like mosaic tile murals for their bathrooms and beadwork for customized purses. Business is booming, says owner Andrew Simmons, but only since it found the right shipping and warehousing provider to smooth out fulfillment hassles that had made overseas delivery hardly worth the effort… As orders come into, they’re transmitted to Shipwire’s warehouse management system, which includes a shipping module that automatically chooses the best parcel carrier and route to expedite delivery at the lowest cost, Simmons says… Now, even though most of his sales are to overseas customers, Simmons says he rarely if ever deals with shipping problems or chargebacks. Read more. | PDF version.

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