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Vision 2010: A Roadmap for Export Growth

Chain Store Age, May 10, 2010

In his 2010 State of the Union address, President Obama identified U.S. exports as a major catalyst to help reignite America’s sagging economy, and noted that it would take a ground-swelling of small-business growth to get the economy headed in the right direction…. Today, growing businesses can tap into 15 years of e-commerce know-how and marketplaces to help grow global sales, but only those that master shipping can truly scale their businesses overseas. Here is a roadmap for growing exports. Read more. | PDF version.

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6 Ways to Ease Exporting: Simple Steps to Help Steer Your Shipments Through Bureaucratic Red Tape and Complex Tax Laws

Entrepreneur Magazine, February 10, 2010

Among all of the president’s plans to boost jobs,  some economists say his goal to double exports in five years could do the trick… “oftentimes the most prudent first country for a small business to consider exporting to is Canada, thanks in part to the extensive bilateral trade between Canada and the U.S., and to the cultural and legal similarities”… Companies can ship products internationally from the U.S. via freight forwarders and fulfillment companies such as … Shipwire. [Shipwire] ships to Canada and the U.K., where it has warehouses that will transport goods internationally to any country covered by FedEx, UPS or the local parcel carrier…. See the six steps to grow your exports… Read more. | PDF version.

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Supply Chain Survival Guide

World Trade Magazine, September 30th, 2008.

[The]“store, sell, ship” model…helps small companies compete globally with a level of shipping comparable to that of their largest competitors. That allowed one U.S. wind turbine company… to offer two-day delivery to its UK customers for the price of local ground transport. Read more. |  PDF Version.

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