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Cut Costs with an Energy Emissions Profile

AMEX OPEN, January 15, 2010100

Reducing emissions — the pollutants, especially carbon dioxide, that are produced when fuel combusts — greens up your business and helps you save money…. Your carbon footprint is also affected by… shipping. Looking at each of these in turn helps you develop plans to reduce energy waste. “When you”re dealing with the movement of goods the trick to lessen emissions is to make the goods travel less distance.” Making goods travel less distance also saves money: “There’s a tight correlation between shipping cost and shipping distance.” For greening your shipping, read more here. | PDF version.

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On Demand Warehousing: Smart & Green, October 2008

“Shipwire removes the roadblocks to the simple, greener expansion of a business. They have multiple warehouses both in and out of the US, help you clear international hurdles with ease, don’t put you through a credit check, don’t ask for a large sum up front, and don’t require a long term commitment. It’s warehousing on demand.

It’s simple, really: Send your product to the warehouses you choose, sell them online the same way you always have, Shipwire processes the order, and you have happy customers. You have happy you, knowing you”re reducing your carbon footprint, responsibilities, and increasing space for you, mentally and literally.” Read more. | PDF Version.

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