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How I Saved (with Shipwire Anywhere)

Entrepreneur Magazine (print), February, 2011

Shipwire customer Andrew Simmons, “After I opted to shut down my warehouse and use inventory management software and off-site shipping for e-commerce fulfillment for my 23 websites, I began to save time — but it was expensive. I was paying about $900 per month for inventory management software before I found out about Shipwire Anywhere, a competitor of the inventory management software I was using. By using its free software and only paying for the cost of shipping labels, I receive orders processed through the system and am able to pack them myself. Once the items get to be big sellers, I can use Shipwire’s expanded services, ship my products to its warehouses and have it handle the picking and packing. Altogether, I’m saving about $850 per month — plus I’m saving several hours a day on inventory management administration.”

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