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Affordable Alternatives to Fulfillment by Amazon

Avalara, July 30, 2015

According to Amazon’s website, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) will do everything ecommerce sellers need except bring you breakfast in bed. When you sign up for the service, Amazon will not only warehouse, pack, and ship your Amazon orders. Your customers can also get Amazon’s free shipping, and FBA handles customer service and returns for you. FBA can even fill orders from other online sales channels, such as eBay.

The opportunity for a small business to take advantage of Amazon’s powerful fulfillment engine is a huge draw. FBA can help you focus on growing sales, knowing that the back end is being handled by the pros.

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3 Ways Outsourced Shipping and Logistics Can Speed Entry to Global Markets

Entrepreneur, October 8, 2014

You’ve learned from experience as a growing business that initial logistics woes are manageable at the beginning. As your brand grows and sales increase, you may find yourself scaling your business to meet global demands.

Using outsourcing shipping tactics from Fortune 500 companies is beneficial so you can spend more time channeling your efforts to your strengths: sales.

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Going for it

Supply Chain World, Fall 2014

With a global, customer-centric mindset, Ingram Micro strives to help its clients thrive in the e-commerce world.

Many companies focus on their own success, but Ingram Micro is in the business of helping others succeed, Senior Vice President of Operations and President of Global Logistics Robert Gifford says. Based in Santa Ana, Calif., the company provides technology and supply chain services to clients around the world.

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E-Commerce 2.0: Six Companies You Can Learn From

Forbes, August 6, 2014

The U.S. online retail sales are up 15% since last year, and are expected to hit $370B by the end of 2017. Technological advancements and changes in consumer behavior have created an unprecedented opportunity for new e-commerce companies. This is especially true with digitally savvy millennials, who will make up the majority of online consumers in the coming years.

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Shipwire Gives Mom-and-Pops the Fulfillment Services of Big Retailers

Xconomy, February 25, 2013

Shipwire CEO Damon Schechter started his company with a simple goal: “To help small businesses take on the efficiencies that big businesses have.”

He cofounded the Palo Alto-based order fulfillment services operation with chief technology officer Evan Robinson at the end of 2006, but to get there, he had to wait until the timing was right.

Schechter had been in the tech and shipping world since the 90s, but took a break after the dotcom crash of the early 2000s to write a book on logistics. An interview with Costco’s head of logistic helped him figure out what he should do next: Find a way to give smaller companies the same logistical efficiencies.

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Enterprise-Scale Logistics for SMBs

“Deal Radar” by Forbes Columnist Sramana Mitra, March, 2009

Shipwire offers outsourced warehousing and shipping services for online retailers and small business clients. Businesses use Shipwire for on-demand e-commerce order fulfillment services through a global warehouse network. With warehouses in Los Angeles, Nevada, Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver and the UK, Shipwire allows merchants to reduce shipping costs by locating inventory closer to buyers. This shipping solution integrates and adds order fulfillment and shipping for online shopping carts and inventory management systems. Read more. | PDF Version.

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