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E-Commerce’s Fast Boat to China – and Beyond

E-Commerce Times, March 18, 2013

When Brooklyn-based sends shipments of its electronics, accessories, and home and garden products to customers overseas, it uses Swedish stamps. As odd as that might seem, it makes sense for the e-commerce company. uses the services of Direct Link, a U.S. subsidiary of Sweden Post. By using Swedish stamps in its shipping, Direct Link is able to offer competitive rates and service to e-commerce companies that ship internationally.

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10 Questions for Shipwire… And Their Answers!

Outsourced Ecommerce, November 17, 2012

“As a follow up to the review we did of Shipwire a little while back, I sent them a list of 10 questions and asked them to reply. My questions were sent on to Dimitri Onistsuk who is in charge of marketing at Shipwire. He provided some great insight into their service and I really appreciate him taking the time to answer my questions. My questions and his answers are below. If you aren’t familiar with their service, check them out at Shipwire Order Fulfillment.”

—GiantRobo, Outsourced Ecommerce

Question 1

I recently wrote a review of your service on my Ecommerce blog, you can read it here. When I tweeted about it, you guys did a RT (thank you!) and also replied. You mentioned in your reply that you disagreed with a few things. Would you mind elaborating on what you think we got wrong or what we left out?


We just wanted to highlight that we’ve invested a lot in our technology and platform, rather than just our operations. Our platform leads the industry for making it easy for users to quickly get set up, and provides transparent reporting and tools to build a brand. We have a full suite of developer APIs that lead the industry. This is part of where our huge competitive advantage comes from. The powerful software that we’ve been working on since day one is at the core of everything we do and lets us help our customers sell their products just as much as our international fulfillment warehouse network.

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10 Awesome Tools for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

There are a lot of tools out there available to use but these are ones we have used or know others that do and can’t live without them. Feel free to add to the list if you think of one but before you do that make sure and check out these because it’s definitely worth your time.

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The PEC Review: Shipwire Fulfillment Services (read comments)

Practical eCommerce, March 29, 2010

Starting an e-commerce business is no small endeavor. A would-be online entrepreneur must manage every aspect of the business, from selecting products and vendors to marketing…. To respond to the need to both manage everything and to differentiate, some business owners turn to third-party providers that can effectively take over some aspect of the business so that the business owner can focus on higher-gain areas like establishing the aforementioned competitive advantage… Enter Shipwire, a fulfillment company that both stores your products and ships those products for you when you get an order. Effectively, Shipwire lets you focus on other areas of your growing e-commerce business, while ensuring that your orders are properly managed… Read more (please read the comments on this one too) PDF version.

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Shipwire's e-fulfilment Integrates with eBay

Fulfilment & e-logistics, Winter 2010

Shipwire, an emerging international force in e-fulfilment for small and medium-sized businesses, has added to its appeal by establishing closer links with eBay. The company has launched a free eBay shipping tool that connects online merchants’ eBay accounts with their Shipwire accounts… According to Nate Gilmore, vice-president of marketing and business development: ‘With our eBay fulfilment, sellers can cut up to 75 per cent off the cost of eBay international shipping.’ Read more. | PDF version.

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