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Holiday Shopping:: Get Your Butt In Gear Importers

ColderICE, April 28, 2010

If you are thinking about importing inventory, whether it be toys, electronics or apparel for Holiday sales in 2010 it is time to review your product sources, put in orders and start figuring out the most cost effective method of getting your inventory to the right warehouse…   It doesn’t matter if your shipping by boat, train, plane, truck or your having Tom Tuttle from Tacoma Washington hand deliver it for you. The closer you get to September and October the more expensive rates get and the harder it is to meet your delivery time lines… Read more on how to prepare early to save big for the holidays. | PDF version.

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Outsourced Order Fulfillment on DMRadio

Information Management, July 16th 2009Outsource order fulfillment

Shipwire’s Nate Gilmore was a panelist to discuss trends in outsourcing for businesses. The call had a some sound issues and you must register to access and download the podcast. The topics discussed were enterprise and small business service outsourcing and some top tips to consider when outsourcing: 1) Try it first; 2) Considerations of partial outsourcing; 3) Managing outsourcing expectations; 4) Service level guarantees and the impact to agreements and pricing …. and 5) Why outsourced order fulfillment provides businesses owners with a “neck to choke” and why this is a good thing. Trends in Outsourcing.

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Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs

America’s Morning Show, July 9th 2009

Shipwire CEO, Damon Schechter, interviewed on America’s Morning Show discussing the genesis of Shipwire and being an entrepreneur in America Discussion ranges from the state of the economy and the impact on entrepreneurship. Shipwire was created by entrepreneurs and is now helping retail entrepreneurs grow their businesses by outsourcing the hassles of inventory storage and order fulfillment. Listen to the interview.

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