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The PEC Review: Shipwire Fulfillment Services (read comments)

Practical eCommerce, March 29, 2010

Starting an e-commerce business is no small endeavor. A would-be online entrepreneur must manage every aspect of the business, from selecting products and vendors to marketing…. To respond to the need to both manage everything and to differentiate, some business owners turn to third-party providers that can effectively take over some aspect of the business so that the business owner can focus on higher-gain areas like establishing the aforementioned competitive advantage… Enter Shipwire, a fulfillment company that both stores your products and ships those products for you when you get an order. Effectively, Shipwire lets you focus on other areas of your growing e-commerce business, while ensuring that your orders are properly managed… Read more (please read the comments on this one too) PDF version.

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Quick Tip for Merchants: Outsourced Warehousing

PayPal Blog, March 25, 2010

Eddie Davis here, director of SMB Merchant Services, with a quick tip for SMB retailers…finding the right shipping service and setting up the right processes to ship your merchandise can be overwhelming — especially if you”re shipping across borders… One of our partners, Shipwire order fulfillment, processes orders and takes care of the storage and shipping for you. The folks at Shipwire just put together a useful microsite that has all sorts of information about the ins and outs of cross-border sales. Merchants can really benefit by outsourcing some of their back-end work for minimal cost, and it’s always a good idea to see what tools you can use to save time and money… Read more. | PDF version.

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Stamp Prices Rising Again, So What To Do?

Blogging Stocks’, “Entrepreneur’s Journal”, May 17, 2009Shipwire helps you cope with rising postage rates

This week the U.S. Postal Service hiked the rates on postage, covering a majority of the mail services like first-class mail, first-class international, postcards, and special services…Now, let’s suppose you have lots of inventory and using a stamp service probably would be impractical. In this case, you can use an outsourced storage and shipping service. And, one that has a good small business focus is…The company handles fulfillment, and even returns. And, there is cost-optimization. Read the article. | PDF version.

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