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Less Work, Higher Profits: Benefits of Outsourced Operations

BNET, February 7, 2011

“I wanted to spend more time at home, so I began looking for ways to transform my business operations. My plan was to automate and outsource ThoughtFish Media however I could, minimizing my workforce and overhead costs in the process.

I wanted to get away from running the business out of a physical location and managing employees, so I turned to a company called

They operate a network of on-demand shipping warehouses throughout the world. I could store products in Shipwire’s warehouses and let them manage my shipping needs. I send bulk shipments of my products to whichever Shipwire warehouse I choose, and the products are shipped out from that location whenever a customer orders them.”

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4 Ways to Grow Your Business

Women Unlimited, May 26, 2010

Are you wondering how to grow your business and develop it in a way so it’s not wholly reliant on you? Have you considered outsourcing…as a way to achieve that growth? Emma Jones outlines the options with tips for each strategy… Fellow business owners will understand when I say having a business often feels like having a child; you conceived the idea, you nurtured the business in its early stages, and it can feel tough to let it go and grow on its own! There are smart ways to scale your business and here are four of them. Read how Shipwire is 1 of these 4 ways to grow your business. | PDF version.

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Podcast: DoggyPads Growing Pains Lead to Outsourcing

AuctionBytes, December 2, 2007

“ has been in business for two-and-a-half years and sells housebreaking products to consumers and retailers. Doggypads is based in Los Angeles, CA and imports its products in large quantities from China. AuctionBytes chats with founder Mark Stern about how he handled the growing pains of the business by outsourcing fulfillment to a company called Shipwire and was able to eliminate his 3,000 square-foot warehouse.

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