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Inventory Management on a Shoestring

E-commerce Times, May 29th 2009

Inventory management is not just for enterprises anymore. With the advent of e-commerce and globalization, small companies are engaging in many of the same business processes as large firms… To do their jobs right, they need some of the same capabilities as their larger cousins — but they need them for a small-biz price….best practices that can be tweaked to work for SMBs, Nate Gilmore, VP at Shipwire, told CRM Buyer….For instance, pushing inventory data to a shopping cart or marketplace — in other words, maintaining real-time inventory numbers — is doable if the software application provides real-time inventory API connections. Ditto for connecting an online store to a warehouse, so that each order automatically gets pick, packed and shipped to the buyer. Read about small business inventory management. | PDF version.

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