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A Generous Returns Policy Can Mean Big Payoffs for Online Retailers

Chain Store Age, December 28, 2009

If you want to keep your customers happy and knocking on your virtual door, a hassle-free returns policy is the way to go… online retailer’s returns policies are a more important part of a consumer’s decision to buy online than most companies realize. In fact, 81% of consumers polled say they”re more likely to buy from a retailer that makes it easier to return a product. Clearly, online retailers that make it easier and less costly for customers to return their products have a distinct advantage over their competitors — specifically, advantages in customer loyalty, higher sales and increased revenue… Online retailers should note that working with a product fulfillment company often means a nice distribution of work, which is especially welcome if a retailer is a small company trying to focus on growing its business rather than dealing with returns (or shipping, for that matter). Read more. | PDF version.

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