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Six Ways For Small-Business Owners To Save Money

Wall Street Journal, June 30, 2010 (syndicated)

The savings come when businesses can charge customers local shipping rates instead of international rates. For instance, Gilmore said, a San Francisco-based software company can use a Shipwire warehouse in London to deliver an order in Manchester and pay only local U.K. shipping rates… Shipwire offers worldwide shipping at local-country rates. Pay-as-you-go pricing plans start at $30 a month. Read more tips. | PDF version.

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The PEC Review: Shipwire Fulfillment Services (read comments)

Practical eCommerce, March 29, 2010

Starting an e-commerce business is no small endeavor. A would-be online entrepreneur must manage every aspect of the business, from selecting products and vendors to marketing…. To respond to the need to both manage everything and to differentiate, some business owners turn to third-party providers that can effectively take over some aspect of the business so that the business owner can focus on higher-gain areas like establishing the aforementioned competitive advantage… Enter Shipwire, a fulfillment company that both stores your products and ships those products for you when you get an order. Effectively, Shipwire lets you focus on other areas of your growing e-commerce business, while ensuring that your orders are properly managed… Read more (please read the comments on this one too) PDF version.

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How to Save Money on Shipping Costs

AMEX OPEN, November 18, 200950

The costs of shipping your product, ordering supplies and sending out mail can add a bundle to your expenses…But there are a great many ways to slash your shipping costs…[First] Go Online. Rule of thumb: Use the web anytime you can…[Second] Use fulfillment services. If you have customers around the world but lack a distribution partner, these services, such as Shipwire…, can be lifesavers, by providing you with a place to store your products in a location near your customers. You”ll save on many international shipping and customs brokerage fees. Read all the tips here. | PDF version.

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Shipwire Saves Shipping Costs and Speeds Up Order Delivery

The Washington Post, August 7th, 2009Washington Post article on Shipwire

Shipwire manages your physical goods in many warehouses, saving shipping costs and speeding up order delivery…Since the company runs warehouses in the U.S., Canada, and England, you’ll save money and customers will get products faster; instead of having to ship everything from your location, Shipwire can send from the closest warehouse (to the buyer). [Reprint from PCWorld]. Save money on shipping. | PDF version.

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