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ULX: The Eclectic Tech Workplace

Urban Land Institute, November 9, 2015

Since the first dot-com era, technology firms have rewritten the rules of workplace design, eschewing traditional office towers in favor of renovated warehouses and shrinking individual desk space to make room for more collaborative areas. Today’s tech companies increasingly internalize the mix of uses found in cities, incorporating elements as varied as cafés and vegetable gardens. Design inspiration may come from a building’s historic elements, a company’s founding stories, and the interests of the workers themselves, lending the workplace a feeling of authenticity and personalization.

The following ten projects—all completed during the past three years—include adapted textile factory buildings and liquor distribution warehouses, workplaces with amphitheaters and secret rooms, and a net-zero-energy structure.

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Shipwire – Sunnyvale Offices

Office Snapshots, 2015

When Shipwire leased a 31,759 building that had been retrofit for Zero Net Energy, the enterprise shipping logistics company wanted an interior build-out that took advantage of the building’s sustainable design. 100% daylit and 100% naturally ventilated, Shipwire’s offices are powered by integrated rooftop photovoltaics. Operating at an average daily energy load, Shipwire should never incur an electricity bill. The highly sustainable interior build-out designed by RMW architecture & interiors takes advantage of the building’s features by locating individual benched workstations at the perimeter and enclosed collaboration spaces at the core. This allows unimpeded luminous daylight and a flow of air through the operable dynamic windows.

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Take a Look at Shipwire’s Sunnyvale Offices

Officelovin, December 15, 2014

Ecommerce order fulfillment service Shipwire reached out to RMW architecture & interiors to design a new headquarters in Sunnyvale, California.

“Individual benched workstations are paired with glass-enclosed meeting spaces to keep things light and airy. Shipwire’s employees like to meet spontaneously, a work style that’s supported by lots of whiteboard surfaces and a variety of collaborative spaces. The interior finishes are honest and simple, with touches of color that glow beneath the 43 skylights. The employee break room opens onto a back patio with bocce ball and raised-bed vegetable gardens. For a forward-thinking tech company, this interior build-out is the whole package”, said RMW architecture & interior

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A high tech firm scores a Net Zero Energy office that supports countless ways to collaborate.

RMW architecture & interiors, December 10, 2014

There is a difference between having a big reach and having a big footprint. Shipwire designs software that aligns worldwide shipping logistics, so naturally the company has a far-reaching perspective when it comes to workplace sustainability and flexibility. When they leased the RMW-designed Net Zero Energy-retrofit office building at 435 Indio Way, Sunnyvale, Shipwire signed on for a highly sustainable interior build-out, and RMW delivered.

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