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Even the Boss Needs Time Off

Fox Small Business Center, April 20, 2010

“Entrepreneur Diary” by Damon Schechter, founder and CEO of Shipwire Product Fulfillment.

Measuring your daily successes can be done by looking at revenue or customer satisfaction; but, finding ways to measure the time (and money) you save by automating can be tough. Perhaps use as a gauge the following questions: can you take a week off from work; or relocate your office to a different spot and work ¼ or ½ day for two weeks? If you can’t, you may want to reallocate some time to figuring out how. Tim Ferris and the Four Hour Work Week blog offers a lot of ideas. If you are a small business, you can also check out for hosted software that integrates and automates. Read more. | PDF version.

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How Entrepreneurs Handle Overseas Shipping, Dec 5th 2009

Many small businesses thrive overseas, but it can be tough for businesses who have never dealt with all the intricacies of sales out of the country to navigate through all of the obstacles…. “Shipwire is uniquely able to bypass the hassles and frustrations typically associated with shipping and logistics, allowing our customers to focus on what they do best: increasing sales and growing their company. We allow SMBs to seamlessly expand internationally by… doing all the heavy lifting, handling the complexity of shipping…” Read about the ways in which Shipwire can help expand your business overseas here. | PDF version.

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Out-of-The-Box Warehousing

FuelNet, November 10, 2009

Shane Ellison’s new Internet enterprise was making money, but he had no room to grow the business…“It got crazy on many levels,” he says. “We were snatching orders off the Internet, packaging, labeling, and standing in line with a bunch of boxes.” What’s more, the fledgling company had no way of tracking orders, so employees were spending a lot of time trying to answer customer questions….Since most fulfillment services are geared toward bigger businesses, Ellison’s search for a solution was frustrating until he saw an article about Shipwire…Ellison, whose business has doubled since he started his company three years ago, gives a lot of credit to Shipwire for his successful business development. “It was the missing link to the technology I needed to grow,” he says. “I took their free month [of service], and we haven’t looked back. I look at online entrepreneurs who are still packing their goods and taking them to the post office, and I can’t understand. Read how to improve the online order fulfillment process. | PDF version.

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Global Sales for Small Businesses, July 4th 2009

Shipwire is one service that helps small businesses participate in the global marketplace…Shipwire was created to eliminate the hassles of storage and shipping for merchants so that they can focus on growing their business…Shipwire is designed to be used by growing businesses with the same easy-to-use, on-demand, pay only for what you use structure that every merchant has grown used to with Google, PayPal, Amazon, eBay and Yahoo. Instead of buying leads, auctions or payment, merchants are now renting warehouses around the world, cutting their shipping costs and growing international e-commerce businesses. Read about Small Businesses Going Global. | PDF version.

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Shipping and Logistics Advice Made Easy

Gourmet Retailer, September 2008

E-commerce via Web fulfillment is another important supply chain consideration. Since this type of service directly impacts your end-consumer and holds a heavier weight on product loyalty, ensure that the provider can seamlessly integrate to your system. It should automatically receive orders for processing and return shipment info, including inventory levels in real time for accurate tracking. If the majority of your business hinges on e-commerce, consider technology that is synced with popular shopping carts offered by companies like Shipwire. Read more. | PDF Version.

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