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9 Build-A-Business Tips From Shopify’s Most Crazy Awesome Stores

Fast Company, November 23, 2012

Starting a business from scratch is a nerve-wracking proposition, as any Tums-crunching entrepreneur can tell you.

But with the right partnerships and guidance, the whole experience can be a little more palatable–not to mention profitable. Enter Shopify’s Build-a-Business competition, which helps anyone with an idea to hang out a shingle online. Winners each get a $50,000 investment and mentoring from storied entrepreneurs including Tim Ferriss, Tina Roth Eisenberg, Daymond John, and lean startup guru Eric Ries. Now in its third year, the competition has become a moneymaking powerhouse for small businesses: The 8,000 entrepreneurs participating this year (up from 3,060 in all of 2011) have so far netted $14 million in sales, up from $12 million a year ago.

In the spirit of giving, we polled some of Shopify’s recent success stories for their step-by-step tips on getting a consumer e-commerce business off the ground. Here’s what they had to say.

Don’t sweat the e-commerce.

If you have a great idea for a product but don’t know the first thing about how to sell online, don’t let it stop you. Melissa Winn, of LIttle Green Pouch, a reusable food pouch for babies and kids, said she was worried about the e-commerce aspect of their business going in, but quickly found easy online solutions for each part of the puzzle.

“We were able to completely design our own site on Shopify, outsource all of our fulfillment with seamless integration to Shipwire, and manage all of our payments with Stripe and PayPal,” Winn says.

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Top 5 Holiday Ecommerce & Shipping Tips and Tricks

SmallBizDaily, November 21, 2012

As the holidays are upon us, e-commerce focused SMBs are ramping up for an influx of selling, shipping, and returning on a global level. Here are some tips for small businesses to make the most of holiday sales from ecommerce shipping solution provider Shipwire Order Fulfillment.

Think globally – your customers are everywhere.

Don’t limit yourself to domestic sales if a good percentage of your customers are actually abroad. You can do this by opening your own warehouse in another country or working with an order fulfillment partner (such as Shipwire!) that already has locations in many international regions. Your partner would help you package, handle, and (inexpensively) ship your products to your customers wherever they may be. This way you don’t have to lease a warehouse, buy equipment, or hire personnel.

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6 Tips for Building a Web-Based Store

The Wall Street Journal, February 2, 2012

Four years ago, Jared Madsen started a company that makes bicycles built for five. He sold his bikes—which had two wheels and a rear bucket big enough to tote four children—wholesale to shops around the country.

But today, 90% of sales at his small business, Madsen Cycles, in Murray, Utah, come from an online store that took his Web designer half a day to embed within his company’s website.

The company’s bikes are now sold by him directly to consumers for about $1,485 apiece, at what he describes as a “way higher profit.” He declines to specify his markups.

Mr. Madsen says he initially thought the online store would just fill in “holes” where he didn’t have distribution. But the benefit to him in the end, he adds, was that the Web store made it possible for him to dramatically reduce his reliance on third-party shops.

As a result, the online store is now his business’s main source of income.

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A Web-Based Shipping Service for Small Businesses

InformationWeek, February 1, 2007

A startup called aims to empower small businesses by offering a Web-based shipping service. The Shipwire service isn’t tied to any one online store. It’s simply an easy way to outsource shipping, receiving, and warehousing of goods. Because Shipwire accepts PayPal, it can handle transactions in 103 countries.” Read more.

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