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The New Businesses Tackling Supply Chain

Eyefortransport, September 2015

The supply chain is currently enjoying incredible change as technology, new innovative business models and start-ups are changing the way goods arebrought to market. This graphic explores some of the companies in some ofthe main stages of the supply chain that are flexing their muscles to disrupt,change, and give customers what they want when they want it.

Also, this might help the industry to stop using ‘The Uber’ of this or the ‘Airbnb of that’.

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Going for it

Supply Chain World, Fall 2014

With a global, customer-centric mindset, Ingram Micro strives to help its clients thrive in the e-commerce world.

Many companies focus on their own success, but Ingram Micro is in the business of helping others succeed, Senior Vice President of Operations and President of Global Logistics Robert Gifford says. Based in Santa Ana, Calif., the company provides technology and supply chain services to clients around the world.

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How to Take Your Startup Global

Damon Schechter, founder and CEO of Shipwire e-commerce product fulfillment service, addresses the “why” and “how” small businesses can begin selling their products around the world.

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Shipwire Takes the Complexity Out of Shipping and Storage

America’s Best Companies, September 2009

Shipwire is helping small business owners level the playing field by helping them break into the global marketplace. Shipwire provides outsourced fulfillment services for businesses that want to eliminate the hassles of product storage and shipping so they can focus on growing sales. With Shipwire, any Web entrepreneur, online retailer or importer can plug into a Fortune 500 supply chain and automate product fulfillment from Shipwire’s global warehouse network. Read entire article here.

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Shipping and Logistics Advice Made Easy

Gourmet Retailer, September 2008

E-commerce via Web fulfillment is another important supply chain consideration. Since this type of service directly impacts your end-consumer and holds a heavier weight on product loyalty, ensure that the provider can seamlessly integrate to your system. It should automatically receive orders for processing and return shipment info, including inventory levels in real time for accurate tracking. If the majority of your business hinges on e-commerce, consider technology that is synced with popular shopping carts offered by companies like Shipwire. Read more. | PDF Version.

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