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These Millennial Brothers Turned A Passion For Bold Socks Into A Million-Dollar, Two-Man Business

Forbes, September 29, 2015

Many men can’t find a way to show their personal style at work, thanks to stuffy office dress codes. Boris Vaisman, 28, and his brother Albert, 22, aim to change that at Soxy. Their two-person, Toronto-based business is on track to bring in seven-figure revenue this year by delivering five pairs of cheerful-patterned socks –think bright yellow with big red polka dots or hot pink with little blue mustache icons — to customers’ mailboxes each month for $45. “Socks bring a lot of joy and confidence to men,” says Boris.

Meanwhile, the business, which has relied on outsourcing and contract help to expand, gives them the freedom to live a very mobile existence. “For us it’s all about building a business which provided us the opportunity to travel, explore and live remotely,” says Boris.

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