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What the Future of Postal Services May Look Like for Your Company

Making Money UK, November 20, 2009

The Royal Mail ensures that 28 million homes and businesses can receive a postal delivery six days a week. It is, however, under increasing pressure to modernize in the face of new communication technologies… For the small business, the choice is whether to wait for the Royal Mail to modernize and offer them the services they need or switch carriers to protect their businesses in the medium to long term… Shipwire, a fulfillment service provider, says: “For small businesses reliant on Royal Mail for shipping local small parcels, customer satisfaction is a challenge. According to Shipwire customer John Ellen of, the service quality is poor and strikes have impacted reliability, which in turn has reduced his confidence in the service.” Another Shipwire customer, Paul Grey of, commented: “We deliver to customers in both the UK and North America, and we regularly find we can ship orders from one side of the United States to the other for 20 per cent less than the cost of local Royal Mail delivery.”… “Many UK businesses are having success growing sales internationally, especially in the US and Canada. Rather than sending every order via expensive international shipping, they are leveraging local distribution centers located in international markets.” Print publication only, to read full article go here “Poste Haste”.

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