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What Tech CEOs ‘Like’ About Zuckerberg

InvestorPlace, May 17th, 2012

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg turned 28 this week, and what better way to celebrate then with one of the biggest IPOs in history?

Yes, it seems like Zuckerberg has led a charmed life — but it was skill, not luck, that has gotten him this far. For such a young leader, he has made some critical decisions along the way, and shown a number of qualities other startup leaders should have.

I recently talked to a variety of tech CEOs, who shared their stories about the lessons they’ve learned from Zuckerberg:

Damon Schechter, CEO, Shipwire

“I most admire Zuckerberg for his tremendous leadership. This is a man who now owns two board seats and negotiated the deal with Instagram on his own accord. Even in the midst of events such as GM cancelling their advertising campaign, Zuckerberg is not going to break a sweat over it. Why? Because he sees the bigger picture. He is not what I would describe as a vocal leader, rather, he leads by example. His employees respect and ultimately have confidence in his decisions because they recognize he had the insight to create a concept with a ‘stickiness factor’: he understood that its human nature to want to be part of a larger social network — and now he is going to make the appropriate leadership decisions to monetize it.”

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