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Additional Recipient Data Required – Shipments to Brazil & Canary Islands

Imports into Brazil and the Canary Islands, Spain, must show the Tax ID of the recipient or consignee on the Commercial Invoice. Failure to include this information may subject a shipment to return or possible disposal by the receiving country’s Customs department. These regulatory requirements are imposed to ensure the proper collection of taxes on imported goods. Please continue reading to see what information needs to be included on your next shipment to Brazil or the Canary Islands. Ingram Micro is not responsible for shipment delays and/or returns due to missing information on shipments destined to these locations.

What recipient information do I need to provide?

Shipments to Brazil:

If shipping to… Provide Example
An Individual Recipient’s CPF tax ID number with ‘CPF’ as the prefix CPF 000.000.000-00
Recipient’s passport country of issuance and passport number Passport – Germany – 000000
A Company Business tax ID number and include the company name 000.000.000/0000-00 – Company Name


Shipments to the Canary Islands:

If shipping to… Provide Example
An Individual Recipient’s government ID number or passport number (no formatting requirements) Passport – 000000
A Company The business VAT number (no formatting requirements) VAT – 000000


How do I provide the required recipient information for orders shipping to Brazil or the Canary Islands?

Orders destined for Brazil or the Canary Islands must be submitted via API or spreadsheet upload. We have included new fields for these order methods to capture the required information. Once entered, the information will populate on the commercial invoice, enabling compliance and smooth delivery. Please visit our support page for more information.

Spreadsheet Upload

  1. Log in to Shipwire and navigate to Orders > Upload Multiple Orders and download the Order template.
    Order Template
  2. Fill in the order details using the instructions provided within the spreadsheet. (For general assistance on completing the spreadsheet, please see our support page.)
  3. Add these three columns starting in column U of the template.
    • Column U Label: [header_level_extended_attribute_name_1]
      For the cell data, please enter EndCustomerTaxID (follow this exact format).
    • Column V Label: [header_level_extended_attribute_value_1]
      For the cell data, please enter the end recipient’s tax ID, passport number or company tax ID in the format listed above for Brazil or Canary Islands.
    • Column W Label: [header_level_extended_attribute_type_1]
      For the cell data, please enter string.


  4. Proceed with the order upload process as usual. Shipwire will process the order or note errors as appropriate. If completed properly, the recipient ID information will appear on the Commercial Invoice as follows:

Order/PO API

Within the order/PO API, add the header-level “extendedAttributes” as shown here:
Order API

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