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Billing Method Restrictions

Shipwire accepts credit cards payment for merchants with up to 250 items in inventory. Once this threshold has been crossed, our payment terms require that you use either Bank Account transfer, or PayPal.

Payment directly from a Bank Account is a great option for merchants who have a U.S. bank account. As with Credit Card payment, Shipwire will automatically draw on required funds as needed (in the increments that are specified in your Billing Preferences).

Paying with PayPal can be a great option for merchants who do not have a U.S. bank account, or want to continue using a Credit Card to pay for their Shipwire operations. The default setup for PayPal does require that merchants ‘Add Money’ to their Shipwire account. However, merchants can also elect to pre-approve Shipwire for up to $10,000 in automated charges. With this approval in place, Shipwire will automatically draw on funds as needed – similar to Credit Card payment – for up to $10,000. Once this limit has been reached, merchants will be notified that they need to add more funds, allowing them to either ‘Add Money’, and/or to grant pre-approval to another $10,000 limit.

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