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Q.My inbound shipment is stuck in customs. Why? What can I do to release it?

A.Generally, products get stuck in customs because they were consigned to the wrong person, have missing documentation, you do not have the right to import them, or the shipping documentation doesn’t match the commercial invoice. For the most part, these issues arise when you do not nominate a customs broker for the import.

   If your inbound shipping order has been consigned to the wrong person, you must reissue the bills of lading, if possible. In some cases where it is not possible, you may have to revise your commercial invoice to amend your customs entry. Ideally, you will nominate a customer broker, who will then amend the customs entry for you.

   Remember that Shipwire should never be the consignee or named importer on your products. You and your customs broker are responsible for ensuring your products clear customs. In some cases, customs brokers assume Shipwire warehouses will allow themselves to be listed as the ultimate consignee, which is incorrect.

   The most foolproof solution is to establish a corporate entity in the destination country and use it as the ultimate consignee.

   Generally, outbound orders do not get stuck in customs because Shipwire generates an invoice based on information you have provided about the product in your account. The information gets transmitted to carriers electronically and in paper. Sometimes, paper documents are separated from packages and in these cases, you can notify Shipwire and we will forward a copy of the paper documentation directly to the carrier. This should resolve the issue.

Q.The customer is refusing to pay for the customs fees. What do I do?

A.In nearly all cases (99% of the time) the product will be abandoned because paying for return shipping will be cost-prohibitive. It will cost more than the value of the product to return it. There will sometimes be disposal charges for the product, which are generally less than the cost of shipping the product back.

Q.My order has been lost. What can I do?

A.In case of a lost order, you should file a claim in your Shipwire account interface. You can report a problem referencing the order number.

Q.My order arrived damaged. What can I do?

A.In case of a damaged order, you should file a claim in your Shipwire account interface. You can report a problem referencing the order number.

Q.How do I deal with an invalid destination address?

A.All shipping addresses are run against USPS address databases domestically and similar premium databases internationally for verification. Whenever possible, Shipwire auto-corrects addresses that are entered incorrectly. If the address is not recognizable, it gets put on an address verification hold. If this happens, you should contact your customer and ask them to provide the address in a different format or an alternate address where their order can be shipped. When you have an alternate address, you can edit the order with the new information. If the customer insists that the address is correct, we can force the address through to the facility. This may incur additional cost and may require a different carrier.

Q.Why is my tracking number not working?

A.Tracking numbers often take a bit of time to activate. Typically, this happens when the product missed its initial scan at the carrier sorting facility. The tracking number will be activated the next time there is an in-transit scan, which happens at numerous points during transit. If the package has not been delivered and it has passed the expected delivery window, you can report a problem in your Shipwire account.

Q.My order was returned, but is not in inventory. Why?

A.This is likely because the order was returned, but has not been received yet by the warehouse. First, see how many days have passed since it was delivered. Shipwire standard SLA for a return is 2-5 days. If the item was trackable, you can check whether it arrived at the facility. You should use trackable shipping for return items so you can check this. If the product arrived damaged, it will be received as damaged, but is not easily viewable in your Shipwire account. You can report a problem on the return to find out why it has not appeared in your account. See how to report a problem.

Q.How do I cancel an order?

A.You can cancel an order in your Shipwire account if it has not been sent to the warehouse. To do this, enter the order number in the Search bar. You will then see buttons to Hold, Edit, Cancel, and Duplicate the order. Click Cancel Order, then click Yes when prompted. If you order has already been sent to the warehouse, it is picked and shipped right away so you will not be able to cancel the order from your Shipwire account.

Q.Why is my order delayed/not living up to the SLA?

A.You should report a problem if there is a delay in your order. You can do this once the order has shipped.

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