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Customize your From: name

Shipwire lets you customize the From field that appears on your shipping labels, packing list, and confirmation emails, etc. You can configure this field in two ways: globally for all your outbound shipments, and for an individual order.

Enabling globally

To configure your From field across all your orders, simply go to your Shipping Preferences. You will be able to configure the From field (typically your company name). Keep in mind that this name is used on all your packing lists, shipping labels, and confirmation emails. You can override your confirmation email From name field manually, but by default it will be the same as the Shipping label name you enter on this screen:
Shipwire custom from name - global

Enabling for individual orders

You can change the From name on an individual order in the Orders flow in your Shipwire account. When you ship an individual order, you are first asked to who and where you’re shipping, how you’d like to ship it, and then you will be prompted to enter a custom From name. You can enter the name you want to be displayed on the order’s label:
Shipwire custom from name

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