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Documentation for the Shipment of Restricted Goods

Certain regulated products require safety documentation before they can be sent to a warehouse for outbound fulfillment. These include products that are or contain lithium batteries, lead acid batteries, aerosols and flammable liquids, perfumes and fragrances and other items that require special consideration or have regulations related to handling and transportation. See the Shipwire Acceptable Use Policy for more information.

For compliance purposes, we have integrated the capture of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Test Summary Reports (TSR) directly into the Shipwire Platform for the shipment of these kinds of products. Effective immediately, customers are able to upload these documents directly to products in the Shipwire Catalog. A new order hold will be enforced beginning in January for orders containing products requiring a TSR or SDS form, but have not been uploaded in Shipwire yet. It is recommended that you obtain and upload these required documents before January 1, 2020 to avoid inbound and outbound shipment holds and delays.

Creating New SKUs in the Shipwire Product Catalog

When a new product is created within your Shipwire account, a series of product characteristics are selected. Effective immediately, any new SKU that is created and marked “contains or is a battery” and the battery type is “lithium” (li-ion, li-metal, li-polymer), will require a Test Summary Report (TSR). Any new SKU that is created and marked “has transportation regulations” (e.g., lead acid batteries, aerosols, flammable liquids, essential oils, perfumes and fragrances, hand sanitizer, ink, nail polish, nail polish remover, paints, etc.) will require a Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

Beginning in January 2020, any ASN inbound delivery or outbound order that contains these kinds of products and is missing the required TSR or SDS forms will go on hold pending documentation.

Uploading TSR and SDS Documents for Existing SKUs in the Shipwire Product Catalog

  1. Log in to Shipwire and navigate to the Inventory tab and select Product Catalog.
  2. Search for the applicable SKU in the search bar, then select the checkbox next to the SKU and click Edit.
    Shipwire Product Catalog

  3. Click Step 4 (Assign Attributes). If the SKU requires a TSR or SDS document, an upload option will appear within the “contains or is a battery” section or under “has transportation regulations that apply and is not a battery,” as applicable. Upload the required PDF document.
  4. Click Save Changes to save the document. Once saved, the filename will appear as a link from which the document can be viewed/downloaded. If the wrong document was uploaded, click “X” next to the filename to remove the document and repeat the upload process.
  5. Follow these steps for each product SKU that requires a TSR or SDS.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Am I required to upload the TSR or SDS document at the time I create a new product in Shipwire?
    A. No. While users are prompted to provide documentation at the point of new product creation, it is optional and can be added later.
  • Q. If my products are missing these documents in the Shipwire Platform, what happens?
    A.Currently, when an ASN/inbound delivery order is created for one of these products, the ASN will be automatically placed on hold pending receipt and approval of required documentation.

    Starting in January 2020, any outbound order submitted for a product requiring a TSR or SDS will be put on hold until the documentation is uploaded. Once uploaded, the order hold will be automatically released.
  • Q. I have previously provided these documents for my applicable products. Do I still need to upload them into Shipwire?
    A. Yes. At this time, we do not have a means to import previously submitted TSR/SDS forms into the platform. As noted above, any order submitted for a product that does not have a TSR/SDS uploaded in the platform will be subject to an order hold beginning in January 2020.

If you have questions or need assistance determining whether your products require documentation and/or uploading the documents, please contact us at customercare@ingrammicroservices.com.

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